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Cust V Croker

Who gets the utility spot?

  • Cust

    Votes: 25 44.6%
  • Croker

    Votes: 21 37.5%
  • Neither

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • Schuster

    Votes: 8 14.3%

  • Total voters

The better Robbo

Well-Known Member
Oct 5, 2017
As a starter Croker but as a bench option Cust. Sounds odd I know but you want impact off the bench, something that Croker doesn't have compared to Cust. As a starter however Croker has great defence and is a workhorse so he gets the nod to start if Levi gets injured.


Sea Eagle Lach
Staff member
Premium Member
Mar 8, 2009
Croker in the past has displayed some sterling tackling so he will get the nod as 14 for the first few rounds (until he gets injured again :eek: although I hope he doesn't because he deserves some luck by now)


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
Sep 8, 2010
Cust between those 2...but there is better options that will get the jump


Well-Known Member
Jun 17, 2010
I reckon Izzard will squeeze into the top 30 and will hurdle both of them for the utility spot. The fact that he played the nines suggests they wanted to have a look at him. Greater utility value than the other 2 can play 6,7,9 and second row. Could also play centre at a pinch.


Well-Known Member
Super Coach Member
Aug 29, 2010
I’m hoping that both Cust and Croker are not required this year, it was a bit alarming how little that both had in attack in the offence-centric nines. If a “playmaker” Can’t put players through gaps in nine a side, they will most likely have even less attacking nous in NRL.

I agree with the above, Izzard seemed to have something to him

Ron E. Gibbs

Well-Known Member
Jul 29, 2004
Izzard did look likely. Loved watching his dad play when I was a kid - big, bullocking centre with plenty of skill. Always wished he was at Manly.

Bring back the.... Biff?

Dr Kosmo Kramer... proctology
Apr 25, 2019
Cust will make a good hooker, hes tough likes to run he can sell a dummy and has a nice short kicking game from what i remember.

Croker is also a tough bugger but hes injury prone, fingers crossed he makes it though the year i believe he would also make a good hooker off the bench. He is crafty, would provide good service and also has a decent kicking game.

Edwin Ipape i dont know anything about..

Joel Schuster from what i hear is the next big thing and I'm keen to see how he goes once given a shot in nrl. Hopefully the Grand Master Des has a plan for this young man.

Good times ahead, loads of talent coming through and the right blokes there to make them superstars! Des Donny Ballin snake monaghan.... Go Manly!


The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 26, 2010
Some of these players have obviously more natural ability and skill than others but another factor that impacts optimal performance is the attitude that the players have

Life has taught me that complacency is the forerunner of mediocrity in every thing we do

Every Athlete gets an A Plus from their coach on their attitude

Good luck to all our players competing for spots



Grizzly old fart
Aug 6, 2012
I'm not sure Cust or Croker are long term propositions. I like Cust but the second half/hooker position seems to be heading Metcalfe's way, and if Fainu eventually comes back, then Levi's is back up hooker, or they share. Croker is only ever going to be a back up. Later this year Schuster will begin his charge into first grade. I sense he's ear marked for 5/8. But alternatively, he has the skills of a back and size of a forward and would be ideal on the bench. Initially though, at least for the first half of the season, either Cust or Croker will probably be the backup half/five eighth/hooker role on the bench. My gut feeling says Cust now and Schuster later

manly al

Well-Known Member
Premium Member
May 17, 2017
Croker has a bit more versatility and skill level at present , no doubt also that Cust has good general footy instincts . The indications or speculation some time ago is that Croker might have been preferred . Izzard looks to have the makings of a decent footy player as well and of course Ipane is not too shabby also . Then also , what if against most expectations , Fainu becomes available latter in the season . However for the present reality , will have to be one capable utility on the bench for season "s start .

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