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Well that’s one of the 30 listed , taken off and officially announced as gone.

So who replaces him ??
This is actually really sad. That man is an out-and-out NRL player but just hasn't had enough game time to prove himself. I wanted to see him succeed, even if it wasn't for us because I knew there was no way with him being behind DCE. But man, I hope he doesn't get wasted at Super League like Parcell. He has the creativity, the strike to be a regular first-grade halfback or 6. I can't believe teams like Newcastle, Raiders (he is better than Fogarty) and Bulldogs passed on him.

All I hope is, he wins a comp and a man of steel in a 2-3 year stint over there and comes back to become DCE's successor in his prime ages.
We actually treated him proper unfair. He should've been a regular 6 during 2019/20. But we had him behind Walker, Crocker, Elgey even though in his limited games he was playing really well and was a good foil for DCE. And then start of this year, we turned him into a 9 and didn't give him much game time at all, even when he scored a hattrick in that first blacktown game this year. Feel so bad for him.
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It’s the very reason I can’t see Manly winning a premiership under Hasler this time around.
He is still living in the past.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it wasn’t for our injuries this year would not have made the top 8!
whatt are you smoking over there? forget the if's and stop rewriting history. we finished 4th! we made the prelim final. we had a fantastic year playing the most attractive attacking football I've ever witnessed from the Modern NRL era. We have the Dally M player of the year. We have some of the best young players in the game. We have a proven GF winning coach.

Im sorry but there's only one person living in the past and that's ........ NOT Des.......
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He was ok but in the end he wasn't going to displace DCE. Once we signed Foran at 6 and had Josh as a backup he wasn't going to play much footy so this move seems a good idea. he might do a hastings and kill it over there and if he does he will stand a much better chance of getting a starting position once he come back.
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This is quite disappointing, but who can blame him after the way we've treated him. Wish we had've used him a bit more.

On the bright side, if he returns to the NRL we have first option. If he'd gone to another NRL club, I doubt we'd have that option.

Good luck to Cade!


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Not in our top 17 so given the chance to get some game time and development with us having an option…also frees up some salary cap

How is this bad? I get people think he should be in the top 17 but he is not in the plans so it is a great solution
As far as I see it the jury is still out when it comes to Cust. I agree he had limited opportunities however if he is as good as some on here believe why didn’t any other NRL club pick him up. Especially considering quality 6 &7’s are as scarce as hens teeth.
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Overreact much ?
Cade was always going to be depth.
I don't see this as a big deal.

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I actually see this as a smart move by Manly. Realistically he’s not in the 13 in the next couple of years. He goes to the UK to get meaningful playing time and develop his game. If he progresses well and looks like an NRL starter, Manly have first dibs on him. We’ve effectively loaned him to the UK for match experience. If he develops, he comes back as a ready made replacement for DCE. If he doesn’t develop and fizzles out, we move on.
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