Crusher's tactics to beat Parra

Crusher's tactics to beat Parra

1. Umbrella defence. The Parra backs are too big and strong compared to ours (Tahu, B Smith, Grothe). We need our backs to come up really quickly ala Bulldogs and frustrate the opposition.
2. Man-mark Widders. I'm serious. I'd have Harris come on EXACTLY the same times Widders does with the instructions to follow him around the field, ESPECIALLY close to our line, and essentially man-mark him.
3. Bench to aim up and counter. We need Dunley, Lulu and Bryant/King to have the same effect as Marsh, Moi Moi abd Peek/Stringer. Really important to negate their bench.
4. Big 3 (BK, Beaver, Choc) to run at Smith all day. Tire him out.
1. Tezza against their big, speedy centres. Big concern. I'd play the Flash instead.
2. Riddell. We're gonna have to watch him like a hawk out of dummy half.
3. Widders. How are we gonna defend against him close to the line?
4. T Smith. His behind the defence grubbers are killers. Bullet is gonna have his hands full.

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Crusher's tactics to beat Parra

Field position and possession are what tends to deny teams like Parra their chances. The pack has to fire up. Your analysis is good but the thought of Lulu/Bryant/King keeping their pack quiet when Webcke, Thaiday and Civonceva couldn't do it is the stuff of fairy tales.

Get ready for a long hard arvo is my tip!


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Crusher's tactics to beat Parra

1. I was thinking that too Crusher. Growthe & Tahu are ruthless. BUT (I can't believe I am saying this), I think Steppas size will help him here. They would have just rolled Donald.

Your right abour Riddell too. Manly have the worst record defending against dummy 1/2 runners for tries. We are playing a specialist at this in Riddell.

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Crusher's tactics to beat Parra

You can't "man mark" players in this day and age. It would be a disaster as it is too easy for a good playmaker to make you look ordinary. Basically they just have to trust their one on one defence on the edge of the ruck. If you start trying to mix a defence pattern with specific targets you will end up with confusion and a lot of finger pointing. Widders will be running one or two off ruck so there has to be trust in the inside man. Agree with centres, we can't afford any jumper grabbing on tahu and smith. Mattai concerns me in this respect. Tim Smith is not overly nippy so you can run the risk of getting up quick on him to try and negate his kicking game. We need pressure on him to cut down his options.


Crusher's tactics to beat Parra

no need for man mark. Just need the boys to communicate.. One of the raiders tries on the weekend was with BK and Monas (who are both great defenders) just letting them run through as BK thought Monas was going to get him and vice versa.

Lets just hope Dessie corrects this. Its all about attitude as we all know.

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