Crusher's post match analysis

Crusher's post match analysis

1. King - when the hell did he decide to add an offload to his arsenal? He didn't look like he knew what he was doing. King must realise that he isn't paid to offload before the line. Just get the ball and run at the line, and take pressure off the others.
2. Burns. Look - he tried his heart out, but he simply doesn't know how to get the ball out to the outside backs. In the 2nd half we blew multiple opportunities on the left hand side, when Burns couldn't get the ball out to Lyon. We even had overlaps! I am worried.
3. B Stewart - looks like someone has said something to him about returning kicks faster and harder. An improvement in this department.
4. Choc - a completely new player. MOM.
5. Willo/Stewy2 - still need to work out how to stand in the tackles and offload. We need more 2nd phase play.
6. Lyon - his goalkicking is woth his big $ alone.
7. Bench - what is Dessie thinking? Get rid of Halden.
Any thoughts guys?
Crusher's post match analysis

Halden is a waste. I though King played OK, but only OK. He got smashed on some kick-off returns.

I was happy in the offload department, Kite is a champion 170 meters and good offloads.

Stewart, Lyon and Bell all need Orford back pronto.


Crusher's post match analysis

Kingey did crack 130 meters this game, mind you he did get smashed at the end of most of the runs! Certainly an improvement on last year, cant deny him trhat, he is having a big dig in 2007.

Agree witrh you re Burns as well, great player, big heart, tough as they come, but isnt a 5/8. if he was only bigger he would make a great Lock or Hooker IMO. He plays an Anasta type game suited to lock rather than 5/8.
Crusher's post match analysis

Yeah, I don't want to sound too negative or anything, just ttrying to find ways to improve. I was very, very happy with the win. Onya boys!


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Crusher's post match analysis

Jungle King, Burns does not, and I hope never will, play an 'Anasta type of game'. That's positively insulting. All Anasta does is hoof the ball high and hope for the best. Burns is more probing than that. I'd like to see Halden get more time then I could judge whether he's a waste. King went OK but I worry about his resilience to the smashing he took whenever he ran the ball back from the kick-off. Remember he was injured a lot last year. The lack of second play is a problem which I hope to see rectified. I'm of the crowd that thinks Monas stifles this second play stuff. To slow and not decisive. If it can be fixed then we'll see more of Lyon and the outside backs creating try scoring opportunities.


Crusher's post match analysis

some good points there crusher. a little harsh on king though. i'm just happy to see him playing hard.

i dont know if it was a ploy by des or he just thought the big guys were coping well, but i was suprised he used the bench as little as he did. rose and hall coming off the bench late in the game made a solid impact though. georgie ran it hard late in the two halves of the match and hall was did well to crash over the try line.

maybe des has developed some strategies in the off season.

by the way, i would be very shocked if halden gets to warm the bench against the bro's, we'll need as many big blokes as possible to keep theirs busy. if they tire around the ruck, we'll run circles around them.

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Crusher's post match analysis

I agree with your comment re Brett Stewart's kick returns. They have definitely faster and less ponderous than in the past. Even if he can't beat the first man, a bloke with his pace should be sprinting the ball back to make use of the easy yards up for grabs.

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