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Crusher's Critiques - Rnd 7

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Crusher_Cleal, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Crusher_Cleal

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    1. Great crowd. Felt like > 14.5k. Was surprised how loud the Parra fans were. Sometimes louder than us.
    2. Tommy Turbo still has a lot to learn. Still young and will keep getting better, but not yet the complete package. Needs to improve his involvement levels, positional play, and tackling (went too high on Semi that one time, although full credit for keeping him largely quiet). Talk of Origin this year is completely ridiculous.
    3. We are reliant on DCE. Bottom line is we are unlikely to ever score many points with a Walker/Api halves combo, especially with their kicking game. Last week against the Warriors was probably the exception not the rule.
    4. Pack balance. It still does not feel right. Jake Turbo is not a 13. We have no real ball-playing backrowers. Not clicking currently.
    5. The start. Thankfully it was much better this week. Unfortunately we lacked a strong last 20 min instead.
    6. Lyon. Still a big worry for me. Goes to ground so quickly in the tackle, and if you think other teams didn't see what Semi did to him at the end there, then I have some fortune cookies to sell you.
    7. In-goal defence. All 3 tries from goal-line errors, and that's been a bit of a recurrence this year. Not sure what you can do about that one - is it down to confidence? Conditioning?
    8. Parra are a different proposition this year. Geez, for a team that played probably their worst first 60 min of the season, they sure did easily beat us. Does that say more about them, or us?
    9. Our mojo. Who are we this season? What is our identity as a team and a club? I don't get a feeling we have one at the moment.
    10. 5 day turnarounds. Clearly impacting our health and performance on the field.
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