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Just a summary of what was lost yesterday:

King = soft and uninvolved.

Randall = soft and error riddled.

Stephenson = collar grabber and slow.

Monaghan = Can't run a bath let alone run a football side around a paddock.
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Gee I hope this thread doesn't get Deleted Mata!!

How about you tell us how Joe Williams is better than Monas?
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Given the same pack of forwards and opportunity I believe Williams would achieve far more than Monaghan over the next decade. Do you really dispute that?
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You missed a few

Witt - completely owned by riddel and very poor

Kite - errors galore

Hicks - was asleep in attack a few times
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i agree , i know management really wanted him last year in place of the caped crusader , sorry super hero oops i meant monas.why is there so much loyalty towards this guy,a reserve grader from canberra.
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A reserve grader who couldn't even convince his brother to join the club and a reserve grader without the gumption to tell his manager to piss off and sign a contract on his own merits.
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i think Wheels sums it up, the game was there to win, we where camped in there quarter, they lost the ball on their try line on the first tackle etc, they couldnt score in the second half, everything was in our favour, but no one with the ball in hand could get us over the try line. Its fine to say its hard for a half back when your forwards where getting smashed, but in this case the forward battle was 50/50 at worst and some would say we where even better than them in the forwards but we still didnt manage to cross that white line.

That game was well and truly there to be one.

Saw some highlights last night and watched Beavers try, set up by Witt with a very simple decoy runner/second man play move. Its not such a hard game from 10 meters out!
You missed a few

Hicks - was asleep in attack a few times

I thought Hicks was very good on Friday considering the lack of ball he received. That knock-on came from a terrible pass which was right out in front of him, on the first tackle after a scrum. That's about the only thing I can recall that could be termed as being asleep in attack.

I'll say it now, put Hicks back in the Centres. He's too good to be stuck out on the wing getting nothing.
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He was asleep on that one - yes the pass was infront of him but he was behind the play, seemed to be running at tezzas pace, not stewy's. Prob a bit harsh, but an example of when monas furked up close to the line.

Beaver dropping that ball was inexcusable.

2 stuff ups - not by monas, when we were camped in the second half.
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