Craig Field back at Brookvale

Maybe the victim played his part. We will never know.
You won't know if you don't want to know.
The evidence was all put before the court, Field was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter for the fatal one punch killing.
The Supreme Court judge said:
(the victim)Mr Kane had been sticking up for a female friend who was being verbally abused by Field’s friend Shaun “Feathers” Fathers.
Justice Fullerton said before receiving the fatal blow, Mr Kane had retreated, put his hands up and told Fathers he did not want to fight him.
Justice Fullerton said after Mr Kane fell to the ground Field left the pub without checking on him and has never shown remorse for his actions.

Good on him. The guy ****ed up in a moment of madness and made a terrible live changing, life ending mistake. Punches have been thrown on footy fields and not one of those players would have been trying to murder the one on the receiving end, but it could have easily happened. Not sure if we will ever find out the full story of what happened that day. The victim was later found unconscious outside the pub so obviously there were no witnesses unless they saw it and just walked away and left him their to suffer. I have seen some real dog acts on the field, particularly from the likes of Sam Burgess. Russell Packer the grub could have easily killed that guy and yet he was back playing NRL a couple of years later. Craig Field made a mistake. One punch. Maybe the victim played his part. We will never know.
He was convicted in a court of law.
A man has lost his life.
My partner lived in a flat next door to him for a brief time and let's just say was not surprised in the slightest by all of this.
There's really no need to whitewash a death with "in a moment of madness".

Best approach is that he's done his time and let's hope he can make a meaningful contribution to the community. Perhaps he has begun.
I wasn't whitewashing anything. Just seems strange that those who witnessed the punch all just walked away and left the poor guy to die.
I remember Field was caught on camera a few years earlier one punching someone at either Souths Juniors or Balmain leagues club so he had form.

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