Could this be us?

The Wheel
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Well we need a blue chip backrower and SBW would be great addition to our club. The extract below from todays SMH alludes to a NRL club (no the dogs) making a bid to sign him on a 10 year deal. Could the Sea Eagles be that audacsious

"alongside Williams, who yesterday was not willing to talk about an alleged $6 million, 10-year offer from a rival NRL club."


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Haha a 10 yr deal? That's pretty absurd. I doubt it'd be us. My money would be on the Shire Sharkies.

Actually a 10 year deal for a bloke thats 23? is awesome. It secures his future and ties up a player with the potential of being a Ben Kennedy for our club for the next 10 years.

I wouldnt be surprised if it were us. We will certainly have the cash for it with Menzies retiring.


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haha, just like everyone saying when we signed BK it was a waste of money because he was injury prone hey Byso!!!


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signing anyone for ten years is stupid, signing someone for ten years on over 500k a year is even worse and signing a guy who is constantly injured for over 500k for 10 years would be the most absurd thing i have ever heard

it definantly wouldn't be us and my bet is that its nobody, just manager talk to bump up his price at the doggies


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10 years is absurd. We all know players form can drop, 10 years is too much of a gamble. Know way you can be sure they can play at the level they are at now consistantly for 10 years to justify the price tag.

If it was Manly I would be worried!!!!


Kim Jong Dan
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SBW will be an injured hack in 5 years.


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So would you guys have baulked at signing Menzies for 10 years in 95/96??

Probably. yes. No one nows how players form will be in 2 years let alone 10 years time.

The only difference is Menzies is a local junior who did also not have major injury problems early in his career. That would have me thinking slightly different but I would still be of the opinion the negatives outweigh the positives.
Clontaago, the money that Beaver would have been asking for in '96 and that that SBW wouls be asking is far different. To lock in a contract for mega bucks for each year for 10 yrs for a guy who is injury prone is absurd, or even for ANY player.


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What Doug says has a lot of merit IMO. Think of it like this. $500k per season os a heck of a lot right now. That's plain for all to see. But in 2017, I wonder what the cap will be, and how much $500k for a season will mean THEN? Maybe, with inflation etc, it would be like someone on $200k now, which is pretty cost effective.

And so what Jatz Crackers. So what if I believe The Bulldogs have the benchmark forward pack? It's plain for all and sundry they do. And yeah, I'd like Sonny Bill Williams in Manly colours. Is that ok with you?


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Ryan, even at extremely high inflation figures of 5% every year for 10 years straigh thats still well over 300k in todays terms at the end of his contract, hence an average for him of 400K per year.

I would consider any club to contract any player for 10 years a dumb move, a player of his asking price would be suicide.

Then add his poor ability to stay on the park - most players who suffer regular injuries in their younger days do not improve as their bodies age.

This would be the dumbest move every by any club should it occur.


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Your right Fluffy re: injuries.
That said, given a "fair" contract offer of say 3-4 years, I'd take the dude in a heart beat.

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