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Could DES be thinking outside the box

Spartan Eagle

Well-Known Member
May 25, 2017
These are my thoughts but Des is also known for implementing new changes to how the game is played
(strategically) especially from an ATTACK minded strategy.
We all know his DEFENSIVE system and that works so he wont play around with that , but the attack I can see him looking to make a few changes that may indeed change the game, Now what I'm going to bring up is not entirely new but when you have the players in a team that could implement this then I think its possible.

1- T. Trbojevic
2- A. Hopoate
3- D. Walker
4- M. Suli
5- R. Garrick
6- J. Schuster
7- D. Cherry- Evans
8- A. Fonua-Blake
9- ?? ( M Fainu) or whoever Des puts there I will have faith in Des getting the best out of that player.
10- M. Taupau
11- J. Thompson
12- C.Sironen
13- J.Trbojevic

14- T. Paseka
15- J. Gosiewski
16- S. Keppie
17- T. Sipley

So for the possible strategy and why I selected the team above.

We play 2 fullbacks ( as I said its not new but it would be new in an NRL "team" enviroment, it was only possible at state of origin level because of the players available and they are all elite players in their club teams, so having two fullbacks happened and Freddy was smart enough and brave enough to look at it)

I think young Hoppa and Turbo can play the same role, they could both play fullback in attack, even going as far as working together to continuously swap the side of the field that each of them is attacking from or working together to create numbers on an edge.
And if Suli is at centre he becomes the man that pushes wide and becomes a defacto winger at times ( Parker could also easily play this role as we know), giving either Turbo or Hoppa opportunities to attack through the centres or even wrapping around as wingers.

Having 2 fullbacks also opens up the door to potentially attacking up the middle with either an inside ball play or playing out the back to either one of these guys.

Imagine being a defending team, normally mostly looking at where the oppositions fullback is coming from, they see one guy and hes coming through the middle for an inside play ( Turbo and Jake love this play) but the defense has time to adjust and make the tackle, but if they suddenly see Jake, DCE, Schuster or Nas with the ball and two fullbacks coming through on different sides of the ruck then this causes problems.
and a bad read in defense causes points to be scored.

Even if both fullbacks come through on the same side of the ruck the defence needs to think quick, it could be a short ball to Tom or or a ball out the back to Hoppa ( depending on who is where at the time).

And why do I think this will work, because both these guys have what defences cant handle SPEED and DECEPTION, not to mention skill and football brains. you CANT tackle a guy who finds space and has speed on his side ( Ala Snake).

In defence Tommy just falls back into the fullback role and does the number counting and defensive organisation while young Hoppa defends on the wing.

Like I said both players have real football brains they know the game, they make time for themselves because they have that ability and this is why they , together can make this work.

This also allows us to carry 4 forwards on the bench as we will need a good go forward set by them to provide the platform of time and space for our ball players to utilise our attacking weapons, which no longer just consists of a center either side of the field with a winger outside of them and a chiming in fullback, but we now have all that normal play with the bonus of two players that can fill the same role on either side of the field or as a combination through the middle (we saw this first hand with Tedesco and Turbo).

and as for the forwards on the bench I left out a couple that most may say should be there and they will, thats the beauty of the squad we now have, they will all get game time and play important roles, Im a real fan of Waddell and found it hard not to put him in my side but for this system to really work we need a forward pack dominationg the ruck, if he lacks anything in his game its that aspect when you put him up against the 4 guys I have on the bench.

And if our forwards are dominating like we all know thay can, not only does the two fullbacks work but the other ace up our sleeve J Schuster... Yeah hes a kid and yeah hes untested at NRL level but with a dominat forward pack, options in attack with both inside and out the back plays along with the ability to still use the standard backline plays this kid could be our new Cliffy (but with a little more speed..lol)
Can you put just a little more thought in your assessment? ;)

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