Corby gets 20

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Journey Man
And a good thing too. I don't buy the media sympathy angle.

I think she did it. Funny how key parts of the evidence to support that conclusion have NOT been reported in the local media.
I dont get why anyone would smuggle Pot into Indonesia, I mean in reality your only going to lose money as its worth more here.

But on the other hand I still think she did something wrong as in she was taking it to sydney from brisbane or something
High grade canabis like the type in her bag is in very short supply in Indonesia - and there are a lot of surfie Aussie tourists looking for a hit.

Don't forget she was 'visiting' family who might well have had links into the local supply network. And who can say whether there wasn't some contra deal happening? What was she going to take home with her?

And her family are classic convict material.
Her mother and sister cracked it big time when it was announced- I don't think she knew what had just happened because she told them to sit down- after that Corby had things explained to her and then she reacted pretty hard as you would expect.
Her family have done her no favours - that's for sure.

There as support people and it was her that had to go over and console them. :roll:
Bottom line is that it is all speculation either way. We don't know the full story.

20 yrs in the clink for marjuana is pretty harsh - when life for murder here is less (in real terms.)

I can't feel glad as this is ultimately a tragedy whichever way the media has positioned us to feel!

Where is your compassion Mata - you are sounding like a heartless Liberal!
My only compassion is that the Jamar Islameer bloke got less for the Bali Bombings.

But I have precious little compassion for drug traffickers I'm afraid. I see the results of their 'work' too often.
Mata have you got a site other than forum gossip that says the grade of her pot? Also a site that gives details on the availablity and cost of said pot in Bali? Again not just forum gossip sites.

To me it is just plain stupid to import it into Bali and she doesn't seem that dumb. But then the Bali nine blew that all out of the water didn't they :roll:
Do you honestly think the Indonesians are going to go through the cost and drama of this trial if they think the stuff was planted?

Do you think they're

a) Malicious
b.) Stupid (Some white australians obviously hold this view)
c.) Pretty damned sure she's guilty and wanting to make an example of her?
I guess we may never know - but her boogie board bag would have more than doubled in size and probably weight as well, so how did she not notice that when she collected it?
when you last got off the plain walked the max 100Metres from where you picked up your bag to where you go through customs, did you notice anythig different about your bags, especially after a 6 hour flight.
Why did she desperatly try to stop the customs officer from opening her bag?

Surely if something was 'planted' in their she'd have not known she had anything to hide?

Also, are her eyes not the blood, shot and glazed over result of years of pot use?
I reckon you'd notice an extra 4kg in a boogie board bag. It had nearly doubled in size and more than doubled in weight.

She may not be the smartest tool in the shed but ...........
Matabele I dont remember the partof the evidence that showed you at the airport watching them ask to search her bag!

i also don't remember when blood shot eyes through a grainy photo was proof of pot abuse.

I also dont remember any studies or evidence that says pot smokers are pot traffickers
Umm her brother picked up her bag. Good to see you have your doctors certificate with you too!

Quote Also, are her eyes not the blood, shot and glazed over result of years of pot use? Un-quote

Hey if i send you a photo of my eyes can you diagnose me too? :ill:
Daniel, equally, I do not recall the part of the evidence where you were at the airport when the drugs were planted in her bag.

A lot of the problem here is that Australians sneeringly look at the Indonesian legal system and assume it is corrupt and/or inept.

Would we have these problems if she'd been found guilty by an Australian court?
I think the brother is pretty lucky to get away scott free. In theory, he is just as guilty as she was or at least an accessory. It just so happens that she had room in her bag.
Don't start on Indonesia. A good mate lived there for 10 years and there is endemic corruption at different levels of society. If you wanted mail delivered you paid bribe. I still remember visiting them and there were armed soldiers in the airport. Thought then you would be mad to try and import drugs!!!

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