Conundrum: If you had release Monas or Witt? Who and Why?


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I hearing rumours about a possible release of Witt or Monas if he asked for it. My question to all you Eagle fans out there is who would you let go first to stay under the salary cap???

My vote would be to let Witt go. Purely because I do not believe he is a quality 5/8 and provides poor attacking options to his outside backs - excpet kicking goals. Also, he rarely breaks the line or troubles the opposition. And I don't think he will get better with age.
not much between them IMO.Witt is only suited to halves and would have to improve a hell of a lot.monaghan may be a decent hooker if he plays to instructions but 5/8 would be suicide.witt has youth on his side over monaghan i suppose.IMO witt wont be released while monaghan will remain unless he wants to say there is an 80% chance they will both be there.

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Not a lot of alternatives at present - my guess is that they will be both be there next year.


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I would choose monaghan. Witt still has a lot to learn and by learning off orford he will be a star. No doubt that he shows flashes of brilliance and could be very good for the club.

Monaghan slagged our club off in the media a lot in the past few days. It gets to a stage where its not about football any more.

I just wonder when the last time we herd Lockyer, Ricketson, Gower and co drag their club through the mud in the meida?

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Gut feeling that both will be there in '06. If I had to choose, it would be Monaghan over Witt as Monaghan should operate well as a good hooker, whereas Witt is lacking in decisive areas of a 5/8's game and can't play elsewhere. Oh and we have other kickers in the team.


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I'd have to work out a way to keep both. Monnas will be a good Hooker. Witt will improve 10 fold under the wing of Orford.


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Witt to go first.

He has offered nothing and is getting worse

Cant get the ball out cant break the line only thing he is good at is kicking goals.

Monas looked all right with walker - give him another good half and he will find his attacking feet again. Monas isnt that old at 25 and can move to hooker is a 5/8 becomes available. Witt cannot.

Monas also has the better long kicking game and can take the pressure off orford - then when in the 20 let orford put in the little ones.
if he plays hooker which is the obvious move it would be impossible for him to keep the captaincy with dunley on the there are a few refs happy about that.

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