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Congratulations to Ryan and his family

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Dan, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +7,733 /120
    I have delayed amking the announcement in case he wanted to make it himself. I have also not been able to call him or talk to him since, due to the craziness that is my life and work.

    But I wanted to congratulate him on the new additions of a beautiful baby girl to his family.

    I will wait for him to announce the name, but it is a good one and one I am sure will suit bub.

    From last report mum, bub and daughter are all doing well. Ryan is coping.... haha

    Congrats champ, let me know when I can come visit
  2. PEPSI

    PEPSI Active Member

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    Well done Ryan!

    I thought you where going to say you didnt want it to clash with the huge Monaghs announcement!
  3. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

    +2,756 /88
    Good stuff Ryan, all the best to the extended family - hope all is going well with the reovery/home coming etc.
  4. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +7,733 /120
    Just found this in another thread by Ryan so thought I would put it in

    1st of all lads. Anika Jewel Winter born Anzac Day (gets public holiday on her b'day for the rest of her life !!!). She's gorgeous etc. I'm a very happy father !!!

    found here: http://www.silvertails.net/forum/150958/My-recruitment-scenario-thread-.html
  5. CliffyIsGod

    CliffyIsGod Well-Known Member

    +109 /2
    Anika, ya!

    Well done Ryan!
  6. fLIP

    fLIP UFO Hunter

    +1,324 /37
    Well done Rhino.
  7. Jatz Crackers

    Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

    +1,475 /8
    In the interests of conservation I repeat previous message in another thread about this :

    Congrats to Anika & Mum you both did very well. :clap:

    Ryan of course did nothing and Mum & baby were happy about that, so from the girls. :clap:
  8. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

    +4 /0
    Good stuff Rhino, Mrs Rhino and little girl rhino!
  9. Stuey Davis Socks

    Stuey Davis Socks Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +573 /4
    Congratulations Ryan. Baby girls are great, I've got 2 of them. All the best.
  10. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +9,386 /402
    Thanks lads. She is currently having one of her very RARE sleeps. I'm up till 2am, the missus from 2am to 7am !!

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