Congratulations Byso & jodie on their new Baby Girl

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I just got off the phone from byso.

Holly Maree Brasier was bron at 10:37 this morning weighing in at 8 pounds.

Apparantly a gorgous little girl.

Jodie and holly ar eboth happy, healthy and doing well. Byso sounds over the moon and a bit our of it with joy.

In typical form everything was captured by byso on both Camera and video. Apparantly he was fliming with his left and snapping with his right.

So on behalf of all of the Alternate Eagles, vicky and I as well.

Congratulations byso and Jodie

Congratulations Byron, from Jan & I. We hope she will be the light of your life.

Please give our best wishes to Jodie as well.
Congrats mate - and i had to say i expect there will be a shot or 2 up soon.

Hope she got her looks from Jodie ;)

You must be one happy man right now - the birth of a beautiful daughter and manly on top.

by a lottery ticket
Superb news. Birth of children are the best moments in ones life so savour.

Congrats to you all - trust that Jodie and Holly are going really well!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Awesome news,really,really happy for you Byso. Don't celebrate too hard !drunk:

Did she come out with a camera ? :D
Good stuff Byso & Jodie, hope all is well and you got some good photos !naughty:

A future Manly cheerleader I am sure !drunk: !drunk: !drunk:
Thanks guys Holly is a cute little baby. Holly is in intensive care with some breathing difficulties but that can happen with a c-section berth apparently. But everything else is perfect. Jody is going very well, she's a champion.

Plenty of photos etc taken so i'll put up a very tasteful photo maybe tonight.

Once again thankyou all very much

Haig, did I put the date at the top of your site yet?

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