Congrats Stewy 2

Jatz Crackers

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And if we are going to give him a bagging when its due we be arseholes not to congratulate him when he goes well. Could this be the year ?

Jason King
1 x Try
20 x Tackles
0 x Missed Tackles
8 x Hitups
115 Metres Gained (good average of just under 15 metres per hit up)

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Kim Jong Dan
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mine too stewy in the first half was outstanding. went looking for the ball found it then found gaps

I was very impressed by Jason King tonight, he had mongrel and nearly all his runs were hard and effective, lets hope next game he keeps it up


Stewy2 played very well, seems to have gained a fair amount of strength and speed.
King was the 2nd best behind Stewy.
Thought Hicks was a little dissapointing and should watch his back because Michael Bani was carving up in PL.


agree with all above, easily one of Kings best games, mayby the shaved head fired him up, no point looking tuff if he was going to play like a cat.

Next week against a quality line up will be a true test. You dont get mesured on performances against teams that are tipped for the spoon,


Yep, Glenn Stewart andJason King were very good tonight well done to both.

Best on ground for me was Matty Orford.. i thought he was sensational and he is going to rack up alot of try assists in 07


Kim Jong Dan
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i forgot to wrap Orford as well he was outstanding and his short kicking game was superb


UFO Hunter
Pepsi, go to and just under the main banner is a link that say NRL scoreboard. They are live stats that are updated throughout the match. Everything you need to know there mate.


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Willo was excellent, scored a try and tackled his heart out as usual. Burns had a terrific game defensively. Stewart2 was good.


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Take it easy fellas, one game does not turn around 2 years of inpet perofrmances from King. Factor in we were playing a sh*t Canberra. When he does this for a season then we should be patting him on the back... Same goes for Stewart minus the 2 years of crap measure.

Don't get me wrong I wouild love nothing more for them to put egg on my face....

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