Commings and goings for 2007

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From LU.

We haven't been very active in the market.

Gains: Brett McConnell (North Queensland), Jacob Fauid (Torres Strait), Nathan Strudwick (John Paul College), Rodney Davies (Ipswich Grammar), Billy Rodgers (Gympie), Galu Teo (Clairvaux College), Nick Emmett (Redcliffe)
Losses: Shane Webcke (Retirement), Casey McGuire (Les Catalans), Scott Minto (North Queensland), Barry Berrigan (Retirement), Leon Bott (Bulldogs via Cronulla), Fraser Anderson (Cronulla), Michael Bond (Melbourne), Brett Seymour (Cronulla), Neville Costigan (Canberra), Steve Irwin (Canberra), Kieran Lander (Cowboys), Ben Vaeau (Cowboys), Joe Clarke (Cowboys), Nick Parfitt (Burleigh)
Off Contract? -

Gains: Brett Kelly (Cronulla), Colin Best (St George Illawarra), Tony Pamatangi (Parramatta), Glen Turner (Melbourne), Michael Dobson (Wigan), Scott Logan (Wigan), Andrew Dunemann (Salford), Steve Irwin (Brisbane), Neville Costigan (Brisbane), Matt Bickerstaff (Dragons), Wade Grintell (The Entrance), Ryan Barton (France), Brock Dunn (Dubbo)
Losses: Clinton Schifcofske (Queensland RU), Nathan Smith (Penrith), Adam Mogg (Les Catalans), Simon Woolford (St George Illawarra), Michael Hodgson (Gold Coast), Matthew Gafa (Harlequins-Preseason), Uelese Faumuina (Northern Suburbs RU-Midseason), Brent Crisp (Canterbury), Jason Smith (North Queensland), Jason Croker (Les Catalans), Kris Kahler (Gold Coast), Jermaine Ale (West Newcastle Rosellas), Terry Martin (Wales), Kurtis Curry (Wynnum)
Off Contract? - Jason Williams, Willie Raston

Gains: Daryl Millard (St George Illawarra), Brent Crisp (Canberra), Aaron Wheatley (St George Illawarra), Ryan Millard (St George Illawarra), Kane Cleal (South Sydney), Frank Winterstein (Sydney), Jeremy Gordon (Sydney), Leon Bott (Broncos via Cronulla), Daniel Green (WA), Daniel Harrison (Manly), Lee Te Maari (St George Illawarra), Brendan Hikaka (Northern Storm NZ), Dylan Jenkins (Newcastle), Nathan Smith (Nambucca Heads), Mason Pure (Northern Storm NZ), Daniel Ezekial (Roosters)
Losses: Nate Myles (Sydney), Roy Asotasi (South Sydney), Daniel Conn (Gold Coast), Daniel Irvine (South Sydney), Chris Tuatara (Rugby Union-Midseason), Blake Lazarus (Cronulla-Midseason), Tony Grimaldi (Retirement), Ben Czislowski (Wynnum), Jamie Small (France), Issac Luke (South Sydney), Adam Brideson (Released), Paoa Faamita (Wynnum), Marvin Karawana (Released),
Off Contract? - Adam Brideson

Gains: Leon Bott (Brisbane-Midseason), Fraser Anderson (Brisbane), Michael Greenfield (South Sydney), Craig Stapleton (Penrith), Richard Villasanti (New Zealand-Midseason), Blake Lazarus (Canterbury-Midseason), Josh Hannay (North Queensland), Paul Stephenson (Manly), Misi Taulapapa (New Zealand), Dustin Cooper (Newcastle), Brett Seymour (Brisbane), Joven Clarke (Rabbitohs), Mark Lennon (Manly), Eddie Sua (North Sydney), Scott Porter (Central Comets), Isaac De Gois (Tigers), Chris Scanlan (Ipswich)
Losses: Nigel Vagana (South Sydney), Brett Kelly (Canberra), Phil Bailey (Wigan), Beau Scott (St George Illawarra), Tony Caine (St George Illawarra), James Stosic (Gold Coast), Tevita Latu (Wakefield), Luke Harlen (Wests), Russell Aitken (Melbourne), Hutch Maiava (Hull), Matt Hilder (Gold Coast), Jeremy Latimore (Parramatta), Darren Mapp (Celtic Crusaders), Peewee Moke (Penrith), Leon Bott (Bulldogs), Rhys Lovegrove (Dragons), Nick Doig (Dragons)
Off Contract? - Clifford Manua, Toshio Laiseni, Jardine Bobongie

Squad: Clint Amos (North Queensland), Luke Bailey (St George Illawarra), Preston Campbell (Penrith), Brian Carney (Newcastle), Daniel Conn (Canterbury), Gavin Cooper (North Queensland), Brett Delaney (Parramatta), Nathan Friend (Gold Coast), Josh Graham (Western Force RU), Michael Henderson (St George Illawarra), Matt Hilder (Cronulla), Michael Hodgson (Canberra), Kris Kahler (Canberra), Anthony Laffranchi (Wests), Richie Mathers (Leeds), Brad Meyers (Bradford), Mark Minichiello (South Sydney), David Myles (Toulouse), Luke O'Dwyer (Parramatta), Lelea Paea (Sydney), Matthew Petersen (Parramatta), Scott Prince (Wests), Frank Puletua (Penrith), James Stosic (Cronulla), Luke Swain (Penrith), Steve Turner (Unconfirmed), Jake Webster (Melbourne), Stacey Katu (Tigers), Daniel Backo (Eels), Ben Black (Norths), Matt Rogers (NSW Waratahs RU – 2007 Midseason)

Gains: Jamie Lyon (St Helens), Jake Afamagasa (Parramatta), Glenn Hall (Roosters), Jamie Scott (Newcastle Wests), Kieran Founder (???)
Losses: Ben Kennedy (Retirement), Michael Witt (New Zealand), Ashley Alberts (Released), Paul Stephenson (Cronulla), Kylie Leuluai (Leeds), Mark Lennon (Cronulla), Kane Cleal (Souths - Midseason), Daniel Harrison (Bulldogs)
Off Contract? - Matt Ballin, Willie Bishop, Mitch Creary, Jeff Robson, Wes Tillot, Mark Offerdahl, Nathan Tutt

Gains: Anthony Quinn (Newcastle), Michael Bond (Brisbane), Saia Makisi (Wests-Midseason), Brent Grose (Warrington - NOT SURE), Russell Aitken (Cronulla), Sam Joe (Kubin), Danny Vaughan (Newcastle), Matt Rua (QLD Cup), Liam Foran (Norths), Israel Folau (Brisbane Norths), Ben Matterson (Brisbane Norths), Jade Williams (Raiders)
Losses: Scott Hill (Harlequins), Jackson Nicolau (Cowboys), Jake Webster (Gold Coast), David Kidwell (South Sydney), Nathan Friend (Gold Coast), Steve Turner (Unconfirmed), Dennis Scott (Retirement), Chris Walker (Released), Glen Turner (Canberra), Jamie Feeney (Retirement), Jackson Nicolau (Cowboys)
Off Contract? - Chris Walker

Gains: Michael Witt (Manly), Aidan Kirk (Sydney), Wade McKinnon (Parramatta), Michael Crockett (Wests), Corey Lawrie (Canterbury Bulls -Union), Logan Swann (Warrington), James Griffiths (Burleigh Bears), Steve Rapira (Waikato), Isaac John (Waikato)
Losses: Awen Guttenbeil (Castleford), Clinton Toopi (Leeds-Midseason), Brent Webb (Leeds), Misi Taulapapa (Cronulla), Richard Villasanti (Cronulla-Midseason), Sione Faumuina (Harlequins), George Tuakura (Central Comets), Marvin Filipo (Wynnum)
Off Contract? -

Gains: Adam MacDougall (South Sydney), Todd Polglase (South Sydney), Paul Franze (Castleford), Mitchell Sargent (Cowboys), Willie Tupou (Dragons), Ashley Parker (Wellington)
Losses: Matthew Gidley (St Helens), Brendan Worth (Penrith), Todd Lowrie (Parramatta), Anthony Quinn (Melbourne), Brian Carney (Gold Coast), Craig Smith (Retirement), Dane Campbell (Sunshine Coast), Danny Vaughan (Melbourne), Dustin Cooper (Cronulla), Matt Kennedy (France), Brendan Hlad (Knights), Dylan Jenkins (Bulldogs), Johnathan Wright (Eels), Micheal Young (France)
Off Contract? - Daniel Tolar, Luke Quigley, Nathan Hinton, George Carmont

Gains: Scott Minto (Brisbane), Jackson Nicolau (Melbourne), Ashley Graham (Parramatta-Midseason), Jason Smith (Canberra), Joe Clarke (Toowoomba), Colin Wilkie (Brisbane Norths), Karl Johnson (Norths), Ben Vaeau (Toowoomba), John Frith (Parramatta), Ben Farrar (Parramatta), Karl Johnson (Melbourne), Steven Beaumont (Brisbane Norths), Ryan Bartlett (Cairns Brothers), Nathan Baraclough (St Brendans), Kieran Lander (Broncos)
Losses: Matt Sing (Hull), Travis Norton (Retirement), Gavin Cooper (Gold Coast), Clint Amos (Gold Coast), Josh Hannay (Cronulla), Brent McConnell (Brisbane), Mitchell Sargent (Knights), Brett Firman (Released), Jason Barsley (Released), Daniel Strickland (Retired), Mark Dalle Cort (Released), Leigh Coghill (Burleigh)
Off Contract? - Mark Dalle Cort, Jason Barsley, Brett Firman

Gains: Brett Finch (Sydney), Todd Lowrie (Newcastle), Ian Hindmarsh (Les Catalans), Jeremy Latimore (Cronulla), James Maloney (Norths), James Grehan (St George Illawarra), Jonathon Wright (Newcastle), Michael Lett (Roosters), Justin Horo (Roosters), Blake Blackburn (Penrith), McConkie Tauasa (Central Comets)
Losses: Dean Widders (South Sydney), Glenn Morrison (Bradford), Brett Delaney (Gold Coast), Jeremy Smith (South Sydney), Wade McKinnon (New Zealand), John Morris (Wests), Matthew Petersen (Gold Coast), Luke O'Dwyer (Gold Coast), Ashley Graham (North Queensland-Midseason), Paul Stringer (Retirement), Tony Pamatangi (Canberra), Peter Lewis (Tigers), John Williams (Sydney), Jake Afamasaga (Manly), John Frith (North Queensland), Ben Farrar (North Queensland), Henry Perenara (Released), Marcus Perenara (Released), Adam Peek (Dragons), Daniel Backo (Titans), Michael Vella (Hull KR)
Off Contract? - Marcus Perenara, Henry Perenara, James Storer

Gains: Brendan Worth (Newcastle), Nathan Smith (Canberra), Peewee Moke (Cronulla), Dan Randall (Windsor), Anthony Armour (London), Gary Crumble (Thirroul Butchers), Brendan Hlad (Newcastle), Dean Caldwell (Balmain), Mark Meredith (Central Comets), Travis Marshall (Rockhampton Brothers), Anthony Capasso (St Marys)
Losses: Danny Galea (Wests), Craig Stapleton (Cronulla), Frank Puletua (Gold Coast), Luke Swain (Gold Coast), Preston Campbell (Gold Coast), Brett Howland (Retirement), Chris Newtown (Bartercard Cup), David McLean (Berkley), Blake Blackburn (Parramatta), Corey Vlaciky (Wests), John Flint (Burleigh), Lee Hookey (Released), David Thompson (Chester Hill Jim Beam Cup)
Off Contract? - Lee Hookey, Keith Peters, Jason Wrigley

Gains: Roy Asotasi (Canterbury), Nigel Vagana (Cronulla), Dean Widders (Parramatta), Jeremy Smith (Parramatta), Daniel Irvine (Canterbury), David Kidwell (Melbourne), David Peachey (Widnes-Midseason), Scott Briggs (Central Coast), Reece Simmonds (St George Illawarra), Ryan Dickson (Sydney), Luke Capewell (Schoolboys), Issac Luke (Canterbury), Hala Luala (Bartercard Cup)
Losses: Adam MacDougall (Newcastle), Michael Greenfield (Cronulla), Mark Minichiello (Gold Coast), Luke MacDougall (St George Illawarra), Wise Kativerata (Released-Midseason), Todd Polglase (Newcastle), Kane Cleal (Canterbury), James Donlan (St Clair), Joven Clarke (Cronulla), Shane Rigon (Released), Ben Walker (Released), Shane Walker (Released), Trent Young (Released), Balin Cupples (Released), Ricardo Young (Dragons), Aaron Firman (Released), Luke Roberts (Released)
Off Contract? - Ben Walker, Shane Walker, Trent Young, Shane Rigon, Rhys Hanbury, Balin Cupples, Ray Moujalli, Joe Lichaa, Eddie Paea, Wise Katerivata, Aaron Firman, Luke Roberts

Gains: Beau Scott (Cronulla), Tony Caine (Cronulla), Luke MacDougall (South Sydney), Simon Woolford (Canberra), Adam Peek (Eels), Rhys Lovegrove (Sharks), Nick Doig (Sharks), Rangi Chase (Tigers), Ricardo Young (Souths), Pat Wossner (Parkes)
Losses: Trent Barrett (Wigan), Shaun Timmins (Castleford - Retirement), Colin Best (Canberra), Clint Greenshields (Les Catalans), Michael Henderson (Gold Coast), Luke Bailey (Gold Coast), Daryl Millard (Canterbury). Damon Alley-Tovio (Released-Midseason), Beau Mundine (Released-Midseason), Willie Peters (Wollongong-Midseason), Aaron Wheatley (Canterbury), Ryan Millard (Canterbury), Lee Te Maari (Canterbury), Tom Haberecht (Wests), George Ndaira (Sydney), James Grehan (Parramatta), Reece Simmonds (South Sydney), Willie Tupou (Newcastle), Aaron Gorrell (Les Catalans), Shaun Timmins (Retired)
Off Contract? - Beau Mundine, Chris Sheppard, Andrew Price, Damon Alley-Tovio

Gains: Nate Myles (Canterbury), Frank-Paul Nuuasuala (New Zealand), John Williams (Parramatta), Danny Nutley (Castleford), George Ndaira (St George Illawarra), Chris Beattie (Les Catalans), Anthony Cherrington (Endeavor Schoolboys), David Hala (Aus Schoolboys), Liufua Hala (Aus Schoolboys), Ben Jones (Redcliffe), Willie Brown (Cabramatta - Jim Beam Cup)
Losses: Brett Finch (Parramatta), Adrian Morley (Warrington), Ryan Cross (Western RU), Mark Edmondson (Salford), Aidan Kirk (New Zealand), Lelea Paea (Gold Coast), Frank Winterstein (Canterbury), Ryan Dickson (Souths), Anton Lavin (RU), Michael Lett (Parramatta), Justin Horo (Parramatta), Jeremy Gordon (Canterbury), Glenn Hall (Manly), Daniel Dumas (Released - Catalans or Bulldogs?), Lafi Manua (Released - Bulldogs?), Troy Malcolm (Released), Luke Gordon (Released), Dion Briggs (Released), Michael Burns (Tigers), Jason Allwood (Released - Sharks?), Blake Ayshford (Tigers), Aaron Lai (Released – Souths or Bartercard Cup?), Daniel Ezekial (Bulldogs), Lewis Brown (Tigers)
Off Contract? - Daniel Dumas, Lafi Manua, Troy Malcolm, Luke Gordon, Dion Briggs, Jason Allwood, Aaron Lai

Gains: Danny Galea (Penrith), John Morris (Parramatta), Luke Harlen (Cronulla), Peter Lewis (Parramatta), Tom Haberecht (St George/Illawarra), Jason Moodie (Retirement), Ranone Filipine (Wollongong), Michael Burns (Roosters), Blake Ayshford (Roosters), Kingi Akaoula (Keebra Park), Daniel Russell (Norths), Josh Saunders (Illawarra), Corey Vlaciky (Panthers), Lewis Brown (Roosters)
Losses: John Skandalis (Huddersfield), Scott Prince (Gold Coast), Anthony Laffranchi (Gold Coast), Sam Harris (NSW Waratahs RU), Peter Taylor (Berkeley-Midseason), Mark Deonck (Windsor-Midseason), David Gower (Salford-Midseason), Saia Makisi (Melbourne-Midseason), Scott Russell (Windsor-Midseason), Shane Elford (Huddersfield), Michael Crockett (New Zealand), Matthew Reick (Dapto), Jamaal Lolesi (Huddersfield), Dean Caldwell (Panthers), Stacey Katu (Titans), Isaac De Gois (Sharks), Rangi Chase (Dragons)
Off Contract? - Ben Reynolds


Journey Man
Pathetic ! Least signings (of all clubs), Most Off Contract Players (apart from Souths).

Surely Offerdahl & Ballin are signed sealed and delivered?

Harrison pisses me off most of all !!!

The ol' Crush Crush must have been off Pig Hunting most of the year.
From LU.

We haven't been very active in the market.

Losses: Shane Webcke (Retirement), Casey McGuire (Les Catalans), Scott Minto (North Queensland), Barry Berrigan (Retirement), Leon Bott (Bulldogs via Cronulla), Fraser Anderson (Cronulla), Michael Bond (Melbourne), Brett Seymour (Cronulla), Neville Costigan (Canberra), Steve Irwin (Canberra), Kieran Lander (Cowboys), Ben Vaeau (Cowboys), Joe Clarke (Cowboys), Nick Parfitt (Burleigh)

Does that mean Canberra is heaven or hell :D


First Grader
hehe, good call Jatz

most posters on here will come back as a suppository, they have had plenty of practice at being a pain in the arse on here :)


Journey Man
[quote author=Fro]
except Kennedy

of course, didnt think that needed to be said.

Daniel Harrison junior SOO player is a bit of a loss. If Offerdahl goes, that's all our junior rep players.


First Grader
[quote author=Garts]
[quote author=Fro]
except Kennedy

of course, didnt think that needed to be said.

Daniel Harrison junior SOO player is a bit of a loss. If Offerdahl goes, that's all our junior rep players.

True Harrison may well be a loss but only a small % of these junior reps kick on anyways, I guess time will tell if he is going to be a big loss. Offerdahl will be a loss if he leaves but I dont think we will lose him. !pray: he looks the goods.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Does anyone know anything about these two outstanding buys???

Jamie Scott (Newcastle Wests), Kieran Founder (???)
Team P W L PD Pts
11 9 2 82 20
11 8 3 112 18
11 8 3 75 18
10 7 3 69 16
12 7 5 135 14
11 7 4 59 14
11 6 5 -9 14
11 6 5 -38 14
12 6 5 36 13
11 5 6 47 12
12 6 6 2 12
11 5 6 -88 12
11 4 6 -7 9
11 3 8 -119 8
10 2 8 -91 6
11 2 9 -95 6
11 2 9 -170 6
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