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Guys – can I ask, does anyone think it’s smart to disadvantage the club by releasing a player “IN CASE� someone else comes off contract? Seriously – what does the club take us for? Additionally, if the Sun Herald is suggesting they know who the captain is going to be, why is it we don’t hear it first from the club? Who’s calling these shots?


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I guess you can never assume that they haven't got at least a verbal agreement beforehand.

If they dont then I am not sure it is worth the risk. We have very little prop depth now and that is a real worry


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If you are referring to Hecks I think the club had a tough choice as he apparantly requested the release.

If this is correct do we force him to stay and play out his contract? how do you think this would work out for both parties? or do we let him go and lose some depth but have some money up our sleeve if someone else comes onto the market?

I think we made the correct choice.

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I agree Garts and technically he may have asked for a release. But without doubt I reckon he or his manager were given a tap on the shoulder by the club to see if you can get a better deal go for it.

Just like Donald and Harris did.


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If thats the case they definitely would want to have something up their sleeves. I think he just wanted out.


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agree with Clon, for them to tap Hecks on the shoulder they must have something up their sleeve. Not as if he was a poor performer for us.

I think he just wanted to earn more money in the UK.


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the fact of the matter is that hecks asked for a release,and the club,doesnt want a player,who on average earnings,to be held back from an opportunity to earn bigger dollars overseas.dont forget that hecks had some bad injuries this year and maybe his playing career may be limited to a few years good luck to hecks and lets hope he is successful in the super league
A big factor in his decision was the chance to play test football - not much chance of playing for the Kangaroos but a good chance of playing for the Poms - would have got the Storm prop and the up and comer from Norths for less than Hecks was on and hopefully put a bit aside for the man of steele

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