Clint Newton


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Has already negotiated with another club and will sign in the next 24 hours. No mention of which club. Looks like a falling out 2 weeks ago with Brian Smith.


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Said he is linked to a possible deal with the harlequins.

I would say he already has a contract. A bit silly to get the release and then look for a team.

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Just mentioned on the NRL show over here Riley Brown wants out as well, and also Woolnough is on the outer

Also read on another forum someone had "knowledge" that Josh Perry may be here next year


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Josh Perry is OK but a bit fat. A replacement for Rose who is off contract at the end of the year. He'll be lucky to get another without trialling.


Good old Brian Smith hey.

That could explain yesterdays goings on... 71 points!!

Something doesn't seem right in camp Newcastle.


Also read on another forum someone had \"knowledge\" that Josh Perry may be here next year

.....good god. That would be horrible news.

Woolnough goes alright though. At the right price he'd be a good buy.


Bit of a dog act to get to his 100th game and then bail.

That is the sort of loyalty Brian Smith commands. Ask one J Lyon.

Woolnough is being linked to the panthers.
What a spineless bastard Newton is. Walking out on your Club when they need you the most. A low act in my book. That would be like Beaver walking out mid-season on us when we weren't doing very well in the early 'Noughties. Shame on you Newton. I fart in your general direction, you kanugget.


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Whilst Clint Newton may be just an average 1st Grader and his departure will not be terribly adverse to the teams progression the off field ramifications will rumble as loud as the Newcastle earthquake.

Jack Newton (Clint's father) is instrumental to many businesses being involved with the Knights. Jack is Newcastle through and through and is great believer in Newcastle fostering their own local talent and they do do a better than average in fostering local talent.

The Newcastle fan base want to see to their local juniors succeed. For those that ever been to Newcastle Stadium you would know that unlike Brookvale where the majority of fans turn up in the 30 mins prior to the NRL match the reverse applies in Newcastle. They get very big crowds to cheer on the JF & PL teams. They are passionate bunch and will not take kindly to Smith punting players such as Newton and apparently Perry.

The fallout in Newcastle was massive when Matthew Johns was not offered a contract renewal by the Knights, whilst this issue may not reach the same heights their will be repurcussions.


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It could be larger than the Matthew Johns saga. In the end the fans accepted it was a salary cap issue and that Matthew was being sacrificed to keep his brother.

It doesn't seem as though salary cap is an issue here.

And yes, Pete is right that Jack Newton is th one-armed bandit that the Knights have to have in the absence of a decent army of them in a Leagues Club to speak of.

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