Chris Hicks

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Reserve Grader
Is he a confidence player? Maybe opportunities don’t come his way, but just when you think Hicks is finding form, he is a little quiet again for a long period. Good defence, wingman, I guess I want to see more of the 2004 form where he was beating 1st man nearly every carry. If i had to choose, I'd say Robbo outshone him this year.

I'd imagine the manly wingers will be happy next year outside Bell and Lyon.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
I personally think he is a better centre than a winger, trouble is he cant crack a centre spot for us. When he was POTY for us, he was playing as a centre, and he always looks more dangerous, even at fullback he looked more dangerous with ball in hand

Solid season without being spectacular


A quiet year for Chris this year.. maybe just a flat year.. definately not the same Chris Hicks we saw in 04/05... although he did have a good start to the year and won a spot in the Country team in the City V Country Clash. He is a good hard runner of the ball, rarely takes a backward step. Has the speed to get through any gap presented to him and also makes good solid metres from dummy half to help out the big boppers. He had a few bad games in the air this year but all in all i think he goes alright at defusing bombs. Defensively he is sound. Has the ability to set the game alight, but didn't manage to reach those heights in 06. Hopefully can recapture some of the 04/05 form in 07

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Always like Hicks but yes i agree with most here & say latter 06 was too quiet.

Terrific swerve and will ignore crabbing & run straight when required. His line breaks are to be admired & can jump confidently to the cross field kick.

I also like him as centre from his origination from the western suburbs pokie set, and im not so sure we wont find him back there.

IF Lyon goes to 5/8, and we used Mattai off the bench (im not advocating that yet) whats to stop Hicks partnering Bell in the centres and we source a winger ?

I can feeel a new YART coming on.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I thought Hicks was good. Does his job in defence, gets kid metres and takes the pressure off the pack and cleans up well. He finishes well. Bell is a good centre but he uses footwork rather than positions his outside man. Solid and nothing to complain about with Hicks.


Winging it
He did a lot of good wingman activities such as taking the ball up into the forwards when the defenders were returning on side, along with being solid in defence. Des's formula has been to turn it back inside and the only back running on has been Brett, so he just hasn't had the opportunities of a team that that throws it from side to side. Solid, dependable but not spectacular, probably as I said due to lack of opportunities.


I thought Hicks had a solid season. He had moments where he was really good, and i can honestly not think of any occasions where he cost us the game. Which is more than i can say for some other players who had 'great seasons'.

Oh and if Lyon plays in the centres next season i'm going to cry.


First Grader
I thought Hicks had a solid season, infinitely better than 05. Agreed he didn't cost us any games and was safe under the high ball, unlike in 05. He carted the ball back from our line and invariably made better metres than our illustrious forwards. Play him in the centres next year, Matai into the pack or onto the bench. Perhaps it's the hair cut or that ridiculous mustache he wore that kept his game in check.

Chip and Chase

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Hicks's season can be best described as solid without being spectacular. Definitely down on impact from last years effort, but probably more to do with lack of involvement and opportunity than anything else. Perhaps it's up to him to try and get in the mix a bit more.

Don't think he will ever be a world beater, seems to have a fair bit of the class clown about him judging by all his efforts in team photos etc, so not convinced he really has the desire. Happy to turn up and have a dig no doubt, but never going to be one of the greats. Can't see him getting a sniff in the centres unless we have some serious injury problems.

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