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Ok guys. I am going to be brutally honest here, because I know this is a site you can be.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Des Hasler has selected Chad Randall at all to start!!!.

In my honest opinion, I think he is the worst 1st grade footballer in the NRL.

Dunley is a much stronger, versatile, consistent & impact player from what I have seen this year.

Add another forward. King is injured. Give Cleal a go. We have Willow, Dunley & Monnas who can all be dummy 1/2.

I don't see value added when Randall is in the team.

I have visions of 2003, Randall standing at Dummy 1/2, and is looking back at the players he is going to pass the ball too, not realising the ball has already been played by his team mate who has been tackled. David Peachey picks up the ball, passes it to one of his flankers, who scores. The sharkies then laugh their guts up behind our goal line.

I also remember him (same year) standing one off the ruck (I don't know where for the life of me he was loking - maybe the TV to see his own vision), but the ball was passed to him, and he was completely unaware of where the play was at, as he was busy......doing something else????? :(

Sorry guys...Please don't take this as too negative, as I think we have 3 other better Hookers than Randall:-

1. Dunley
2. Ballin
3. Willow (I know he has only played it token as once)

so we are in good hands. Please feel free to give me your honest opinion / feedback.


Kim Jong Dan
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I think you will find its because Dunley has best impact off the bench. With us being a forward short, willo will play in the forwards with dunley and randall interchanging
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Randall was the club player of the year two years ago. Last year he had a shocking run with injury.

Dunley impressed me in the one trial I viewed but it seems as if reports were mixed for the first game.

Des knows what he is doing and the jury is out????
Worst player in the NRL, that's a huge call, and I've got to say is just plain wrong.

I agree with CW.

I want to see what Randall can do, because I know in previous year's he has eaten and spate out Dunley. Everyone, well most people have given Dunley another chance, so why not Randall.
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Ryan did you see the great Andrew Johns play on the weekend he had a shocker .....I guess one bad game makes him the worst player in the NRL?
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randall does tend to switch off and stop thinking - i have been angered by this for years.

He has to pull his finger out
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In 2003 there weere several occasions in the match against the Tigers at Leichardt where Randall was looking back at his own goal posts when the ball was played or the offload came right at him and he knocked on.

Several times.
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If his errors were spasmodic, it would be ok guys...but he is consistently poor. Ok, he can pull of a RANDOM good shot in defence, but his attack is predictable, and slow. I would choose Ballin over him if I was coach.

I want to ask you guys this then:-

What other NRL club would have Randall as their 1st choose Hooker?

For example - Souths? I think Shane Walker would be 1st choose there.
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" I would choose Ballin over him if I was coach "

Ryan , How many games have you seen Ballin play ?

I feel you are being too critical of Chad Randall . The competition between him & Dunley for the # 9 spot is a healthy situation for the team.


Kim Jong Dan
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Ryan, you seem to be getting caught up in hearsay about a player. Ballin was good in his debut but is by no means at NRL level yet. in about 1-2 years he may be and when he does make NRL he will be one of the best hookers in the game. But not yet.

Randall goes alright, I prefer Dunley but no one can deny that Dunley is best when coming off the bench.

My main problem with Randall is that he often takes a few too many steps toward the oppositiong before passing, then serves the ball above the players head insted of to their chest, meaning the player has to reach up or jump to catch it and loses momentum. Although recently he has started serving them to their chest.

I also dont like the 3 or 4 blind side plays he serves each set. He tries to look for Donald too often and we rely on Donald too much as a team. It would be better if we spread it wide and tried quick hands to move forward
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Especially this year zap.

we cant keep heading up the blind when our strength is in the middle


Capt Goodvibe
Hope that feels better Ryan ! 8o) , and I do agree with a few of your points. I spose it's an opportunity for him and he really needs to grab it.

My view is that Chad needs to change his game a tad and get the "Halfback" out of concentrate on defence & service. To me he tries too much from each ruck..kicking / blindside /pushed well as getting too involved in general play.

That said, I think he is dangerous close to the line, as demoed by putting Scotty over a few times and Beaver under the posts last game last year.

Put a bit more structure and selective input into his game, then his talent will allow him to pull-off a few speccies.

This w/end, as long as he doesn't miss tackles and gives his forwards momentum, then I'll be happy.
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I dont think Chad would be starting hooker at many clubs, if any however he is not the worst player in the NRL.

Ballin is a good prospect from reports but unproven, he has only played 1 PL competetion game. Needs more time, some people get a little ahead of themselves with our new untried signings. I remember seeing some 2005 team lineups with Luchetti in the team, no one had even seen him play.


Kim Jong Dan
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just wait till you see the new sections of the site we are setitng up, you guys are going to love it :D


Kim Jong Dan
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lol its all in good time.

Survivor is first.

I have the display all set up now I just need to make the votes jump into the database and we are set to go.

You will only be able to vote once per round and you must be a registered member to do so.

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