Can the Aussies Save the Test???


Depends what you mean by 'save the test'.

If you mean 'win', then probably not. Too much ground to make up, not enough time.

If you mean 'play for a draw', then f*ck yeah they can save it! The poms need another 15 wickets remember! Plus they're going to have to bat again themselves (can't see them enforcing the follow-on even if Australia doesn't make it past the mark - although they are bloody close right now...)

Who gets picked for Perth? All depends on Watson. If he is fit and they still want to pick him, then that would be the only change. Assuming McGrath etc pull up fine from this Test - but there is a bit of a break before the WACA Test, so he should be fine.

Clarke is batting nicely now, and hasn't done anything to deserve to be dropped. Hayden and Martyn have failed in all their innings this series (Hayden 3 times, Marto twice) but again neither is likely to be dropped.

I'd stick with the same team personally, but they're more likely to drop Clarke than anyone else - which sucks, because he's looking fairly good in the middle right now.


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Dump Martyn, bring in watson

Hussey to 4
clarke to 5

Have to go with 4 pace bowlers at the waca

gilly just got going then got out, however way past the follow on now


4 pace bowlers isn't that important at the WACA anymore. Warne is just as likely to take wickets in the first innings as Tait or Lee. It's a much more benign pitch than it was even 5 years ago.

And Watson in my opinion isn't good enough to warrant pushing players out of sides. I know that the selectors desperately want him in the side, but if Clarke gets a 100 (which he is well on target to do) then they don't have any excuse to drop him for Watson.

And Watson's bowling is piss-weak, he can't deserve a place above Clarke for that reason anyway.


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clarke got his century

bring in watson for martyn - we wont miss his 15 runs per innings - watson will score at least that plus helps the bowlers out


I'm with the fluffster... martyn out.. watson in

I said halfway thru the second day that this will be a draw... i stand by that.. poms first innings was just too slow


Damn!! Didnt get to see Pups knock today as I was stuck at work.
One good thing is my boss ran ABC thru his computer so we listened to most of it. That surely has to give him a berth in the next test. Sorry , but my vote is for Martyn to go.

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What a fool I look like now suggesting we may not save the test.

Days like this show that one day cricket is fizz-pop. A great day for Australia. Watching the poms walk off made my week. We have four or five poms at work and boy tomorrow will be good. :clap:

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