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Can blame the players, but the coaching staff....

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ManlyArmy, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. ManlyArmy

    ManlyArmy Well-Known Member

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    When new players come to the club, and we've had alot this season, who's been there to teach them the discipline that Manly have showed over the past decade to win premierships, plays in finals and grand finals, no one! Why you say, because we have coaching staff that haven't didn't even have the discipline themselves to win premierships! Anthony Seibold for example, head of defence, was great under Bellamy, but that's because Bellamy did his job for him. How are Melbourne going now that he has left?

    14 Rounds, we have had no improvement, yes we've had injuries, but we've had injuries before, and to lead by 20, to get run down on your own home ground. The players can score points, we saw that today, but when they can't hold a lead, it shows you that they lack discipline, which in rugby league can't be gained automatcally, it has to be taught to you. Do you think just on luck that the discipline showed by Melbourne, Nth Qld, Brisbane etc was gained just by luck, it wasn't. Craig Bellamy and Wayne Bennett, look at the players they have taken on over the years and turned them into champions because they teach discipline!
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    • Eagleheart

      Eagleheart Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Very, very good post............!

      Discipline is with out a doubt an incredibly important ingredient in being successful in both life and sport.

      I actually have a very good article related to sports discipline and I will post a link for those interested in reading it fully. Here is some of it though.....

      "..............Caps United football player Collins Dhuwa believes that discipline is a key element in developing and maintaining motivated hard-working athletes and united teams.

      He says: “Discipline lays the foundation for the rate of development a team experiences, as well as the pride coaches, administrators, players and fans feel for their team.

      “Most importantly, teams who use discipline effectively have the opportunity to positively influence players’ behaviour in all other areas of their lives.”

      Dhuwa also says that talent will count for less if discipline is missing in the aspiring athletes. Thus, the most critical factor to success in any endeavour not only sports is discipline.

      Maintaining team discipline enhances chances for a team to win together. A disciplined team also attracts more sponsors and more supporters..........."


      Anyway at the end of the day, any successful sports person/team needs to have discipline, it may sound simple but it is not. And it must be continually reinforced, coached, taught and made to be a part of your daily routine.

      Discipline includes so many factors including mental strength, belief, focus etc and our newbies just do not have much of it at all and some of our Manly men are loosing it or have lost it also.

      Johnny Lewis once said, “Be 100 percent disciplined and you have a good chance of success; without it, you will never reach great heights whether in business or sport.”
    • Harvies elbow

      Harvies elbow I'm a country member....... " Yes we remember " Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Even if you replace the word discipline with Manly culture, it's gone. These chaps wouldn't know what it was if it p*ssed on them.
    • ManlyArmy

      ManlyArmy Well-Known Member

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      Today's performance was a mirror image to Barrett's GF in 99 with the Merge

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