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Love the current crop of speculation going on about our lineup for this year and what purchases might make up the team for 08 and beyond.

Most agree that for the moment our backline is looking more than competitive with some likely looking talent still to rise up from lower grades.

I think most would also agree that we are building good depth in our halves and generally in the key positions of 1, 6, 7, & 9

Many have already agreed that its the forwards that are our perceived weakness.

Our philosophy is to buy 1 to 2 bluechips/1st raters each year. We bought 1 bluechip for 07.

So the current speculation has us shopping for Gallen with unsubstantiated rumours about ODonnell aswell. But my question is should we be planning go to purchase 2 quality back rowers or do we look to get one of say LOD/PG and one top quality prop ?

Lets look at the quality of our current depth in the forwards.
Kite, King, Bryant, Rose...........Hall, Alphabet, Morewood, Trembath

Menzies, Watmough, Williamson...............Stewart, Halfasanger, Wells, Cuthbo

One thing is for sure we have plenty of unknowns in our immediate future in the forwards. If we were to assume confidence in Bryant & Rose as bench players at least and Watmough in the starting 2nd row, it still leaves us with doubts over the majority of our current fowards.

For various reasons doubts remain over the playing futures of Kite, King, Menzies & Willow.

So I ask everyone to put forward your views and imagine you were given the authority to be the recruitment decision maker this year.

Where do you think our needs are ?
Who would you buy?
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in my perfect world, the following would happen




Mona's/Burns/Ballin whoever is offering the least value
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AS you say our backline is pretty much locked in

Ill assume Beaver will retire

In the backrower spots i would like to have someone whos strengths are defence and getting the ball wide. The last thin we need is the ball to slow down when orford/lyon are using the speed out wide. Hence the abilty to make metres like BK is less important and can be left up to the props.

Props - well id like to see metre eatres with reasonable defence. I would much prefer someone who is defensivly sounds than someone like kylie who gives you 1 good hit a game. I would gladly welcome back Hecks. We need props that hill make an effort to get back and take us out of our 20 - 30 so there is enough room for the back to strut their stuff.

i think a purchase of 1 of each would give us the required roster to go all the way no questions asked.

So i wouldl target Odonnel and someone like douglas/geddes like disco said.

that would leave us at the hands of the coach. Firstly he would need to come up with a good game plan to suit our strengths. Secondly he should come up with some ideas how to beat that game plan - something the opposition coaches would be doing so when it happens there is a "PLAN B"

oh how i would to see a plan b
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So we're going to assume that Crucsher Cleal will continue to not produce an up and comer?

How many years has he been in the job now? I'd have thought he'd have unearthed something by now.
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Even if he did mata do you think des would give them a go? How long has ballin been performing?
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240k per season

i swear every time someone brings up Monas the contract get bigger, soon people will be complaining that monas is bad value for 1.6mil a season
Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
240k per season

i swear every time someone brings up Monas the contract get bigger, soon people will be complaining that monas is bad value for 1.6mil a season
no its 500K a season
Sonny Bill Monaghan :dance:
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Apologies - my bad.
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its the "its well known" part that he was quoting as it shows how much of a dick you were, if your struggling to comprehend maybe byso could help you out.

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