Brookvale Oval - Season 2005


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I've heard that the general admission price for home games has increased from $18 to $20 this season. I'm sure most people won't mind paying the extra $2 as long as the team are performing well. I just hope that the service standards improve at Brookvale Oval this season. More staff need to be employed to cater for the crowds needs & requirements. To queue up for 20 minutes to get a beer or food is unsatisfactory. Last season , I ventured out to 6 different away grounds & I must say the service provided at these grounds was much better than at Brookvale Oval.

I also have a gripe with people that turn up at 1/2 time every home match & get let in for free. On many occasions , the game would be in the balance at half time & the 2nd half of the match is the best half. I believe that people should still pay at 1/2 time ( $5 or $7 ) , then throw the gates open with 20 minutes remaining. This would ensure that these people are contributing to the Club in a small way rather than just watching "free footy " each time they visit Brooky Oval.

( That's my whinge for this week )


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I had to go in at half time once. I had to work and got there late it was 5 minutes to half time, so i thought bugger paying.

That was the one and only time.

TH eprices have gone up for the last 2 seasons, I hope this doesnt mean it will be $22 next year


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I agree with the service - a bit quicker will mean more money made too, and they are making heaps of money thats for sure


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Too Right, forget opening the gates until the 70min mark, there were 1000+ people waiting to get in at half time last year behind the score board you do the math. Not to mention how many people I see ever jumping the fence at certain locations or being let in for free by the gatekeepers, for chrsit sake we need every cent we can get.

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$20 is not a lot of money for what you get. at a NRL. Rate it against Super 12 (a heck of a lot more) NBL or some of the concerts at the Superdome.

AFl is pretty cheap.

If you get there early it is really good value IMO

I just wish we had PL playing till 10 mins from the start of first grade. The half hour break to watch teams warm up is boring - even with the bands and cheergirls.

It's a pity there isn't another spot for teams to warm up so there could be more footy.


Kim Jong Dan
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The 30 minute break just makes you have extra beers and get half baked

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