Brookvale Atmosphere

Yeah, the winter wonderland one, starts with a slow "There's only one..........".
My favourite that I tried to start last year without too much support was "Parra doesn't matter". Sure it wont work against Souths but it's beautiful none the less.
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Geez thanks guys, makes me feel all warm & fuzzy.

Talking about atmosphere, is there anyone else out there who turned to the Northern Spirit during the dark days of our non-existance? If so, I'm sure you'll remember the massive atmosphere in the Bob stand at NSO. I think something along those lines with a bunch of easy to remember songs and specific chants for specific occasions would be the go.
It would take a little organising so I'm not your man but as an idea what do da AE crew think?

MEE over at Mightyeagles always talks about those days and the atmosphere. How long did the spirit's 15k+ crowds last for? A fortnight?
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Three weeks at the max - I play soccer (too old for league now) but unless it is in English Premier League watching soccer is like seeing paint dry!
The big crowds lasted as long as Norths were insulting us by putting red & black alongside maroon & white.
Anyway I'm not trying to start s..t about Aussie soccer, I'm just saying that if you were there it was well good fun & a better atmosphere than we seem to create with twice as many people.
If we got a problem, yo let's solve it !
Peace & love to all.
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The atmosphere that grounds like Brookvale & Leichhardt Oval produce are unique. I was at Parra Stadium last Saturday night with approx 18000 people & the only time the Parra fans could muster up a Parra chant was when the ground announcer would play a tape over the P.A system. More like a pantomine than a chant. Other clubs have experimented with loud mouth Americans like Rodney O , who is much better placed in a basketball stadium than a league ground.

I used to regularly attend Spirit games at NSO & the atmosphere was great , even with 8000 people. We used to stand over near the McCartney Terrace with all the Poms , who would sing non stop throughout the match & they would sing regular songs & engage in some friendly banter with other team supporters. Things were always a little tense , when Sydney Utd would come to visit . The flares & fists would be flying. Soccer crowd violence is a huge turn off for genuine fans & families . I'm sure there'll be more crowd troubles on Saturday at Parra Stadium when Sydney Utd & Bonnyrigg meet again after their recent fueds.

Very rarely is there any crowd problems at Brooky Oval . Sunday afternoons couldn't be spent in any better way. Hoping for 20,000 crowd on Mothers Day when the Eagles give the Tigers a touch up.
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The only time I ever encountered a problem was pre the Superleague days and the visiting club was ................yes ..................... you guessed it ..

Bulldogs and their out of control fans who took any try or score as a personal insult!! !wall: !wall: !wall:
If you're talking about horrible supporters, I'd say that the Sharks fans are the worst I've ever had the displeasure of being at the same ground as. Shark park that is, they're too gutless to start any ****e at an away game.
Spiteful horrible pack of filth !!!!!

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