Brookvale Atmosphere

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I would love to hear this sound effect blasted over the PA when the Eagles are setting for an attack or when we need a big defensive effort. Click on the link and view intro what do the rest of the punters think?
Thats actually a good idea. Put that on loud and clear everytime they set for a play close tot he line
They do that at Penrith with the Panther's roar. It's terrible. The screech sounds alright though.
I think the Bronx does it too. You would not want too hear it every 2 mins but maybe at certain strategic points throughout the game to rev the crowd up. It would be something different to hearing, where are the Manly fans from the ground announcer.
Where are all the Manly fans???? really annoys me! I hate artificial attempts to hype crowds up. It reminds me of the Rugby where they often have lame attempts to produce some spirit and atmosphere. Just because the crowds sing at Cardiff Arms (Millennium) doesn't mean that John Willo singing Waltzing Matilda produces atmosphere.

It should be the game that gets the crowd going and anticipation for the contest rather than lame comments or sounds. That's what SuperLeague never knew or understood.

If you want that crap you will go to American Basketball/Baseball! :boho: :boho:
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G'day youse mob, this is my first post but I've been monitoring the high class drivel on here for a bit.

I agree with 'Can' on this point. No more of this fake hype BS, it annoys the crap outa me. The hype should be coming from the hill in a unified voice of songs, chants and drunken stupidity. Let's leave the gayness to Penrith and the Tigers and have more of a look at the Doggies fans & the Poms. !drunk:
Geez thanks guys, makes me feel all warm & fuzzy.

Talking about atmosphere, is there anyone else out there who turned to the Northern Spirit during the dark days of our non-existance? If so, I'm sure you'll remember the massive atmosphere in the Bob stand at NSO. I think something along those lines with a bunch of easy to remember songs and specific chants for specific occasions would be the go.
It would take a little organising so I'm not your man but as an idea what do da AE crew think?
The atmosphere in the Bob stand at NSO for those games was indeed superb Duff. Football crowds the world over are much more vocal than league crowds but that sounds like a great idea.
Those were some good evening as well mate.

We do have a "hendo" chant in beaver, but there could easily be so many more.

Do you or dot still have any of them for ideas??

How about a fotress brookvale redition of youll never walk alone??
we need to come up with some great chants as we become a supporters group we will gather together on the hill and have to be loud and co-ordinated in our sledging and singing
More beer outlets and cheaper prices on the hill generally creates a few chant and more atmosphere etc.
We had some beauties last weekend - like ogaboga purple microwave.

We just got to the point of yelling anything
Winter wonderland.... My dad use to sing a parody of that called "walking round in womens underwear".... English humour you see chaps
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5 3 2 21 6
4 2 2 -3 6
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