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What do you think of Brookvale Oval. Does it need upgrading, such as new lights, maybe a new grandstand or even a whole new structure. I think there is only one thing which needs to be upgraded. The lights we have are BAD. Lets gets some new ones and host a few more night games. What do you think???
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I agree. Have said the same thing in another thread.

Unfortunately there is not the pressure of a marginal seat to get the politicians interested, the local council has other priorities and Manly needs to spend its own money to ensure long term survival.

It is a pity as in a RLW survey in the 70s Brookie Oval was rated the number ground but it doesn't come a bull's roar of that now, as much as I love the place as it is our home.

Lights should be a number 1 priority but the local residents don't like it too much and whinge to the council apparently.

Funny as I grew up in a country town with better lighting than Brookie and the residents there never seemed to mind too much.
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Lights are a must - more advanced grandstands would be nice - but realistically the most you will get it another on the northern side of jane try i think


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I dont care as long as they never get rid of the Seats around the fence, the Hill and the beer shed.

Viva the hill!
i have no problem with the ground itself, its clean, sloid ( as in not falling apart) and the atmosphere when full is awesome! Yeah it could do with some lights if we want night games, but who wants night games ? Footy is sunday arvo!


Kim Jong Dan
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I wouldnt mind a saturday night game so I could hit the turps afterwards in a euphoric state after thrashing a team

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