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Bronco's Tactics

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Jul 15, 2004
Bronco's Tactics

The Broncos use their big men to run the ball out of their own territory in early tackles, often looking for offloads and then shifting the ball immediately via Lockyer to the centres/wingers out wide. They shift the point of attack as well very effectively and so the whole defensive line needs to be alert. Once they get on a roll they are very difficult to slow down. Our ruck defence will have to work very hard to contain them and slow any momentum.

They are susceptible to very mobile and light-footed forwards turning their bigger forwards and moving them quickly around. Watmough and Dunley could do very well against them. Lockyer is not a good front on defender and both wingers do not like the ball on the ground.

I think we can beat them if we turn up to play and counter their potential though I think our centres will be pinpointed and may be in for a hell of a night.

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