broncos game

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after hearing the news of the replacements forced on the broncos could everyone let me know which of you are coming to the game so i can cater for the correct amount of whipped cream to have with our big slices of upset pie !dance: !dance: !dance: !dance:
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G'day Vegas

I am flying up for the match, so two scoops for me. Hopefully we can catch up pre/during/post the game.
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Absolutely I am going to the game with Mata. How will I recongnise you?


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wheel just look for 2 jewel encrusted yuppies and you will have them.

!dance: !dance: !dance:
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There are a few Manly supporters so upset with Mata (LU and other forums) that he could be a marked man.

Mind you - it might explode the bubble in that the mystique factor is shattered and others will discover that he is really a mild-mannered Manly Mullane man and quite likeable in fact. !dance: !drunk: :lol:
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wait till he gets to brookie - he will have to sit on the hill and stir them up.

Not that he would have to do any more than wear a shirt that says matabele
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could be interesting - ill stand aside with a full can raedy for the old eye for an eye - pepsi of course - wouldnt waste a beer.

Actually id like to think that no body would stoop that low, but you never know these days
Apparently the Broncos have lost Carroll for the match and from what I've heard he has protected Lockyer in defense, now we can really work him :)
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The key will be to place lots of pressure on their forwards in both attack and defence. Their forwards are a little slow and so the small men like Dunley and Watmough can come into their own as the game progresses.

Their expansive game relies on the go forward that Petero and Webcke provide and so a good kick and chase is important to eat up early tackles close to their own line.

We will run players at Lockyer and Seymour all night. Carroll out is huge.

Our centres and Witt and Menzies who defence one in from them will have to be alert to wide cut outs and Dummy inside/out plays. Wingers will have to be sharp to kicks in behind the line but also to the outside ball.

Most essential, despite the occasion, is that we have to play as if it is just another occasion. We got where we are by playing simple footy and doing basic things well. We must not be overawed by Broncos, Suncorp etc. Sometimes teams try too hard instead of just playing each set of six, kicking and chasing and putting pressure on the opposition. That is our game and we should stick to it.

First 20 mins will be important and how quickly we settle could have a bearing on the game.

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