Brett Stewart's Try

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Brett Stewart's Try

I can't stop watching the try that Bullet scored to take the lead last Sunday. It is a classic with Dunley giving the inside ball to BK, him hitting the line hard and getting through, almost stumbling and then finding Bullet who accelerates to score with a forward roll to boot. The crowd goes wild and it is one of those magic moments. I was glad to be there at that end and it is senstational to be able to view and view and view it. (Try 5 on Downloads for Round 12)

Try 6 is almost as good and to see Sam Harris hit a gap off BK (him again) and then pass outside for the Duck to quack a try was also sensational. Will be very happy if we can do the same to the Rorters tonight. :drunk:

:drunk: :drunk:
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Brett Stewart's Try

cw , if i could have anything at this moment it would be a flogging of the roosters
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Brett Stewart's Try

If we beat the roosters tonight I could potentially be fined $5K for invading the field.


Brett Stewart's Try

I glad everyone shares the same negative sentiments in regards to the rorters. Gee I hope we win - I was hammered after happy hour last night and laid some ridiculous bets (maybe not so ridiculous if we win)
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Brett Stewart's Try

Those dirty Rorter cats gave us a pummelling last year that must not be forgotten.

I severely want to see them go down.

Am putting an electronic ban on myself so I can enjoy a 'live' game on TV tonight and get fired up.
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Brett Stewart's Try

Blackout starts now and I don't want to know as I will have to tape the game and then put it on at 11 pm.

Will take all my discipline not to check the score!!!
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Brett Stewart's Try

Mate I live in Melbourne and have to either venture out at 11pm in the ****ing snow to watch it on Fox or wait until midnight to see it on channel 9.


Brett Stewart's Try

I'm off to the pub- all you bastards going to the game tonight cheers your ass off -GO YOU MIGHTY SEA EAGLES !!!


Kim Jong Dan
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Brett Stewart's Try

Just hope that you dont run in to natalie she could ruin the score for you all

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