Brent Kite

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Who agrees with me that Brent Kite is out of form. The Sea Eagles didnt buy him to fart ass around on the field, they bought him to make the hard yards. OUT OF FORM!!!
As I wrote on the same thread on ME I think Kite is playing very well and is one of the reasons why our defence is so improved. He is hard and mobile. I thought his game against ST G was outstanding in a losing side.

Superglue on his hands is the only thing that could be adopted into his game - and the occasional tackle on him by the invisible man!!!
I completely disagree to you. Last week I missed half the game against Canberra and only saw Kite play around 10 minutes in which I was watching. Maybe he was on the bench, maybe not, but even when he was on the field he didn't seem to inspire me. Not just that game but a few others I haveent seen him make a lot of tackles and made a lot of hit-ups. I have watched every game and maybe I am wrong about him but I think he MUST improve.
Manly are leading the comp & Brent Kite has been a major contributor . He is doing plenty of defence & hitting the ball up well . His presence alone is a bonus for the team.
Go back and watch the game.

Kite is making 100m everygame and making 20+ tackles each game.

Most of the time he is the first one to run the ball up off a kickoff or penalty.

You seem to be one of those guys that thinks hitting it up and making breaks it the only way you are in form and defence doesnt mean a thing. Go back to 2004 or support the knights. DEFENCE WINS GAMES.
Gotsy'll need you're flack jacket admitting stuff like this.

"Last week I missed half the game against Canberra and only saw Kite play around 10 minutes in which I was watching"
its hard to be a stand out in a game when you have kennedy, watmough and hecks playing so well. has he done anything wrong though?
Gotsi, pretend your a horse... !BDH!

not sure what game your watching, Kite has had a massive workrate without doing the flasy stuff, thats not his go. the defence in the middle is awesome when hes on, and his 100 meters per game speaks for himself. His proffesional attitude rubbing off on other players cant be measured but he nad his mate BK have made a monumental difference, not sure if you have looked at the team from this year and the team from last year, last year had no BKs in them, not sure if we where first this time last year either ???
He gets tackled by the invisible man occassionally but his defense is awesome. We now have teams running away fro,

Minogue, Menzies, BK1 and BK2 and monas

They have no where to hide
I reckon he is playing well enough.

Of course Id like all our players to improve over the season, cause if that happens we'll be unstopable by the finals!
Give up your medication gotsy. Kite has completely turned it around and the last 2 games he is playing like we all hoped he would. His hands will probably always be an issue but imo he is hitting a hot streak of form.
Could someone please confirm to me that Kite plays in the No. 8 jersey, fairly tall bloke, olive complexion and played at the Dragons last year.

If this is the case, & I am pretty sure it is you have either confused Kite with another player or you simply need glasses Gotsy.
I can't beleive some stuff I read.

Kite is not there to run to the line,step off his left foot,put Matai through a gap and back up to score the try,and that is what it seems like some people are expecting.

His goal is to get the ball,take it up hard,make 100+ metres a game and get through some defensive work.
So far he is exceeding that every week.
Kiwi I think you will find one person is saying that. the rest of us reckon Kite is going great guns
Go here ->

watch the game again and look for the big bloke with the manly jersey with an 8 on its back. Thats Kite. If you think he had a bad game you need your head checked
I think Kite has been brilliant so far this season, just remember he's at a new club, had to give him time to fit in and everything, now that he has he's amazing. Last week against the Raiders he was excellent and again today against South’s. He's a big bonus for us; let's hope he keeps up the good form!


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