did anyone else see the nine news tonight, they said something about brain smith wont be offered a new contract when his current one expires at the end of the 2006 season. also something was mentioned that he might not be coaching them in 2006 aswell, only heard it on the news once and nothing since, not in tomorrows tele or any where on the net. tried logging onto the parra website, but cant get into it ????

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It's the silly season so any little snippet is likely to big news though Aussie Soccer will fill the pages tomorrow so I can't see too much league getting a run!!


It was confirmed in today's telegraph that Parramatta have made the decision not to extend Smith's contract beyond this year. Looks like Jason Taylor will take over from him.

If Hindmarsh needs a reconstruction on his knee as suggested last week then Parra are no chance to win next year. Even with him they are too mentally scarred from last years loss and 2001 to ever win a competition while Smith is coach. What a shame for the Parra scum.


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That's a bit like having an American President in their 7th and 8th year of office. A dead duck President.

Now the Eels have a dead duck coach for a year. Maybe they're trying to force him to walk.

A good replacement for Hasler maybe?


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Maybe.......We put up with a coach who gives us 2 of the biggest loses in club history, while Parra cans a coach who wins them minor premierships!
sucko to parra,

that pretty hopeless from them to organise a replacement for him with a year to go on his contract, didnt the bears do that to their coach a few years back?


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They replaced Loius mid-season with Murray. I can't say I've seen a coach being shown the door two days after pre-season starts, with a stay of execution of 12 months!


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eat shiit, i dont want that wankerr at our club either, pis off to england smith you jerk!!!


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sucked in even more to them, he is one of if not the worst coach ever in the history of rugby league, go parra! fools!!!


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Arko dude. I'm feeling some resentment toward Brian Smith & the Eels here. Well done. HeHeHe.

Brian Smith is renowned for making harsh decisions, and he knows how to field a very balanced team. You'd note he wouldn't shift Nathan Hindmarsh to 5/8, and he let go of Witt when everyone was saying he was going to turn into a star.

He attracts real quality players as well. I wouldn't mind if some of the CURRENT Eels outfit found their way to Manly.

I hope Peter Sharp has learned to not look so surprised / happy when his team scores a try. It was kind of embarrassing. It was as though he couldn't believe his team produced at certain times.

That said, I think the level of professionalism is somewhat different from Manly at that time to where Parramatta is now.


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mark my words. "Brian Smith will never coach a premiership side, ever". as far as im concerned every club that isnt manly i feel a great deal of resentment, even more so parramatta.


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He's just getting a little of his own back. How many times can you sack or lose international quality players without coping the the foot in the arse yourself.

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