Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

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Reserve Grader
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

I was walking around my local Woolworths(Hornsby) when my girlfriend made a sound of disgust as she looked into the pre-packaged seafood in the freezers. amongst the frozen fish fillets was a package that made my stomach turn. Blockers Seafood BBQ Pack. I didnt look into what it contained but the front of the package has our Forwards coach in the Gold and Black of the Tigers. I feel sick now even thinking about it. Has anyone seen this?

The Wheel
Premium Member
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

Actuallt I saw in on the weekend at Woolworths at French Forest - I got a laugh when Blockers Seafood pack feeds 4 people

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

At least its not called Packers Seaside Block.............ummmmmmm nooooooo... thats Kerrys land in palm beach.

Christ, im even more bored than U.P.


Journey Man
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

At least its not called...............

i got nothing but im up there in the bored stakes


Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

At least it is not blockers rump steak pack (although he has plenty of rump to go around).


First Grader
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

Friday afternoon in the public service after a long lunch, doesnt get much more boring than this, waiting for the clock to strike 3:30.


First Grader
Tipping Member
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

at least its not called ,blockers tiger prawns ,
or even worse ,blockers frozen crabs !!

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Blocker's Frozen BBQ Seafood pack

I saw Blocker at the airport in the holidays when he was at the airport to pick up his son from the Aussie Schoolboys Rugby Tour. He is now huge!!!!

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