Bevan retires

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Journey Man
Michael Bevan has announced his retirement due to ongoing injury problems.

Probably the best one day batsman to ever play the game and a master at placement he was great to watch. Can anyone think of a better innings than getting us home against the windies from 7/74 down to reach 9/178. He changed the game as we know it through quick singles and constant turning over of the strike rather than just looking for boundaries.

Good luck in your coaching - im sure he will do really well.
Thank god and about time he retired.

He was always an average hunting dog who was only ever interested in 1 player.........Himself, NEVER put the team before himself.

Good riddance to bad rubbish is all I can say about this goose.
Nope, I stand by that one, Bevan was an arrogant selfish player, I just laugh every time I see Husseys average so far above Bevans, and he is a team player.
well everyone will disagree with you on that, if he wasnt a team player he would throw in the towel everytime the going got tough like martyn did rather than getting a win over and over again.

hussey has obviously modelled his game off bevos and would be crazy not to
I agree with Fro, there were occasions when bevan COULD have won us games but selfishly didnt attack the bowling so he could protect his average.

He was an arrogant prick too. I remember a game against Sri Lanka at th SCG, kids were hanging over the fence in the 1st innngs and the Sri Lankans were signing shirts (aussie kids mostly) and when Bevan was fielding in the deep he wouldnt even acknowledge them.

To compare Hussey and Bevan is an insult to Mr Cricket
Fluff I'm not saying the guy wasnt a good cricketer, he could certainly bat, but only tried for the team when its goals were the same as his own.

His interestes were always ahead of the teams...............maybe he should have played Golf :)
attacking the bowling wasnt his style of play - those that do best play in their natural style - look at symonds and gilly, when they try to play slow they get out, bevan was the opposite, needed to start slow and get his eye in before he could take it up to 6 an over every over no matter who was at the end. Add to that most times when he came in when it counted he couldnt risk getting out because we were already 5 or 6 down since the top order crumbled. Without him we certainly wouldnt have been the top one day nation for all those years.

I rate Mr Cricket highly (how could you not) but you have to acknowledge he has modelled a good chunk of his batting on bevos, especially the mental side. He and bevos will be the two best lower order batsman to ever play.

What is interesting with hussey is that as he didnt crack the team until he was 29, his average is dispropostionaly high - moreso in tests. Had he played 6 years average 45 - 50 like punter then his average would be around the 60 mark just like punter as well. Dravis is another whose average has increased significantly after an average start for the first 6 years or so.
My brother played cricket with Bevan at Campbelltown. Not much of a bloke personally but he did do well in the one day theatre and won many games for the Aussies. Don't like him as a person but will give credit where credit is due.
Thats bull**** Fluffy. I can remember several games where he had been in for a long time, the run rate req would have been no more than 6-7 and he still didnt go for it. He was a selfish player.
and i can remember far many more times where the run rate was about 6 and he got it when he shouldnt have, playing for the team.
Not to mention the games where we batted first he would come in and hit singles and give the strike to the bowlers!!!
singles were his style - why is that so hard for you to admit.

Your whinging and moaning about a great player yet you sat there with you thumb up your arse when martyn used to block when the runs were flowing elsewhere or slog and get out when we were losing wickets early and needed consolidation.

the end point is bevan saved austrailias arse far many more times than he cost them through his style of play
Hang the **** on, I wanted Martyn out, not in. Show me where I stated anything about Martyn being retained. Where does that come from?

And from what Ive heard your the only bloke around here that sticks things up their arse....

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