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bet the press conference is cancelled

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Supernintendo Chalmers, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Supernintendo Chalmers

    Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

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    Go on, announce Toovey's sacking after that... I dare you!
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      Last edited: Jul 25, 2015
    • cherry_poppins

      cherry_poppins Well-Known Member

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      Eat **** you filth ridden turds

      Red faced Phil Slothfield imitating pricks
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      • Terry Zarsoff

        Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

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        It will happen and that might be a good thing. Just as the team's form improved after the DCE and Foran issues were finally sorted, this might actually lift a huge weight off their shoulders. That was a great effort today, Johnson's injury and subsequent impact on NZ's game notwithstanding.
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        • sheridanstand78

          sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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          The decision has been made, nothing will change that and I love how Toovey got support from the team today, and its really important now that we finish as high as we can this season
        • Loobs

          Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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          Yeah let's flip flop depending on the results.
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            Last edited: Jul 25, 2015
          • Shoe1

            Shoe1 Well-Known Member

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            Classic, nailed it
          • NYEagle

            NYEagle Well-Known Member

            +1,400 /84
            If they run the press conference announcing Toovey's sacking after that, I will be convinced this whole poor season has been manufactured.
            Coming of the most satisfying (and somewhat surprising) game of the year, and leading into the biggest game of the year against the #1 team in the NRL, this team needs to focus on having a confident and interruption free week of training to give themselves a chance of getting a win.
            Any more interruptions is just suicide. I know someone above would say this is closure, I completely disagree, everyone and their dog know Toovey will not be coach next year, we have already adjusted to that reality. We do not need to hear this **** in a press conference next week.
            Let the team focus 100% on football this week and build some confidence - Cmon Manly management FFS leave them alone!.
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            • Ralphie

              Ralphie Well-Known Member Premium Member

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              Oh look, your tin foil hat is falling off!!!!
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              • Supernintendo Chalmers

                Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

                +843 /9
                of course its all done, but if as suggested they're leaving toovey in charge for the rest of the season, to welcome everyone back home with the rumoured announcement / press conference after that effort would just be stupid (though not at all surprising).
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                • MadMarcus

                  MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

                  +8,383 /74
                  They will probably sack Toovey, read out the names of all the players who will be sacked (including Jamie Lyon), outline a plan to play more games away from Brookie, rename the Fulton Menzies stand the Penn stand and change our colours to purple and yellow.

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