Best and worst Poms

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3 things....
1)Who are the best Poms to make an impact ?
2) Biggest flops
3) Any worth signing atm ?

1) The best I have seen is Ellery Hanley, who had the most dominant impact I remember with a huge fend and burst of speed at key moments.
A close 2nd was Kevin Ward who imo, was like Matt Scott on roids...absolute powerhouse and best front rower I have seen.
Sam Burgess has been best by a way in recent times and we were close to getting him before the Gladiator made the interception.
Courier(apart from his GF effort), Gareth Ellis, Graham and Hodgson the Raiders dummy half have all done well also.

2) The duds - been a heap, but Goodway to Manly was a mass fail and that Burgess winger recently looked a gun till he got to Australia and had shockers at Roosters/Souths.

3) I have no real knowledge of the current talent pool in England....are there any top shelf players you think could make a positive impact here ?
Best 3 I have seen:
1. Malcolm Reilly
2. Ellery Hanley
3. Kevin Ward
1. Hugh Waddell
2. Vince Farrer
3. Sam Tompkins. Hopeless here compared to the hype.
But who isn't at the worriers.
Being a Kiwi, I remember Denis Betts and Andy Platt coming over here to play for the Warriors. They were absolute rubbish!
Earlier stages Reilly , Lowe , Norton and Lockwood and take Woodsie"s point with Gary Stephens Schofield and Kevin Ward were good , and in more recent times Morley and Burgess .
Oh crikey, spot on Woodsie and Al. Stephens and Norton immense players. Gee there was a heavy influence of great Pommy players for us in the 70’s.

Which also got me to thinking about Tommy Bishop for the Sharks who was hugely influential in the early 70’s.
Benny Hill had the biggest impact on me growing up ..
Well I think Fulton was born over there so I would say him.Mal Riley,Phil Lowe,Kevin Ward.Mainly the 70’s players as that era for me was where it was at.We really had our heads screwed on in that era.All those Englishmen were great for us.I will Never forget that era as it will stay with me forever.Fulton was just in everything.
It's hard to type "best and pom" in the same sentence without getting a little queasy.

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