Best and Worst Moments of 2005

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For me the win against the Panthers was the best moment of the season. When Kennedy put Bullet in for us to take the lead was a magic moment and it was even better when Handbag put Donald into the corner to finish off a great comeback win. To enjoy it with the Silvertail crew was even better.

The Worst was the let-down after the Cowboys game. We all erupted thinking we had snatched the game with a last minute try to Hicks and then they scored in the final seconds to snatch defeat for Manly from the Jaws of victory. The Sharks game was also a very bad moment and in many ways spoiled the season in its ineptitude.

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Have to agree about the best with Panthers although I thorughly enjoyed the away wins over the Roosters & Dogs and beating the Broncos at home.

Any of the last minute losses hit me deep add Panthers & Warriors losses to the cowboys game but I was most dissappointed with the 40 minute effort against mainly Parra in the semi and the Broncos game away in Brisbane.

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Actually I was probably more dissappointed at getting flogged by the Sharks


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Best was the Panthers

Worst was the Souths flogging, I sat through the whole thing copping crap from inbred Souths supporters.


Best was the Panthers, beating to dogs at home and the first win of the season away against to warriors and watching Hill give it to toopi.

Worst was the Monaghan re-signing fiasco followed by the sharks, souths and broncos away games as well as the Parra semi final game.


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Best - beating Melbourne at home. We looked structured and settled.

Worst - 11 lossed from 13 starts - and Des being upbeat, and sayiny we overachieved.
Best - being at Homebush to watch them beat Dogs. This was the biggest test of the season so far and showed that we could win away from home against a good team.
Worst - being at Parra Stadium and watching the boys play like school kids in the first half of the Semi. 100% embarassing as a Manly fan.


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"better when Handbook put Donald into the corner "

Who is handbook??

Best - Melbourne, that 20 mins against the knights and the panthers

Worst - Souths and sharks

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