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UFO Hunter
Most of you already know my thoughts on bennett. But for those of you with Fox Sports, how about that post match press conference.

What a ****witt. :doh:


UFO Hunter
One word answers.

He just doesn't get it. He just comes across as an arrogant prick.

To take the cake a reporter asked what he thought of their defense. He said:

"You watched the game aswell. You'll be the one to write about it"

Every answer he gave was laced with disgusting ignorance as though he was somehow bigger than the game.


lol i was at the gound sitting there thinking that when you watch MNF you get to see the press confrences , wishing i was at home just to see Bennett carry on like a goose, obvioulsy i was correct with my prediction!


First Grader
I think he knew they were going to lose before they went on the field. Even during the game he looked un interested.

He's probably pissed he had to play against the comp leaders when half the team is out.


Premium Member
The Broncos all but conceded this game when they requested the NRL to change the venue from Suncorp to Brookvale.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Matabele why bring religion into this, most non bronco supporters think Bennett is closer to the devil himself


First Grader
Hasn't anyone wondered why he goes on like this when his team plays like junk?

who are the media focussed on?
Who are all the fans going "hes a wanker"?

and more to the point.

Who AREN'T the media saying, "they played like junk"??

he is taking the heat off his team by getting the spotlight focussed on himself, he doesnt give a toss what the media says and writes about him, but he knows what effect a bad write up can have on a bunch of kids starting out..

A masterstroke in my opinion, think back to how many imes he has done it over the years, and more appropriately when...
Still Fro part of his job is to promote the game, and to treat the media with such obvious disdain is not a good look.

At one point he was asked what he thought of Manly and he replied "ask Brad (Thorn was sitting next to him) he played them". That one got a few chuckles but still he looked like a goose.


First Grader
and we are still talking about Bennett not the players, which just proves my point.

As a fan I agree He's a wanker for doing it, but I can understand why.

And UP, his job is not to promote the game, its to win games, he wont keep his job if they keep losing forever, regardless of how well promoted the game is.

Yes hes a tool, but he is very good at what he does.
And UP, his job is not to promote the game, its to win games, he wont keep his job if they keep losing forever, regardless of how well promoted the game is.
I said part of his job.

I think he is a great coach and from all accounts a great person. He just needed to be pulled into line years ago and given some media training, however I can't see him changing at this stage of his career.


First Grader
Reading is a skill I learnt many years ago, but he has never been into promotion of the game, and you are 100% correct when you say he isnt going to change now


UFO Hunter
Another question was:

Journo: Are there any positives you could take out of tonights game?

Bennett: Probably

Journo: Would you like to tell us what they are?

Bennett: No.


That's not entirely true flip... his answer to that second question was actually "No, not really"

When you look at it like that.. it's a fair enough answer :lol:


I always thought he was a bit of a wanker- until I met him. A very smart man with a surprising sense of humour. I can also see why he treats the media with disdain.

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