Ben Kennedy - It has to be a joke?


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Friday night - Crowne Plaze Terrigal- waited 50 mins to get a taxi to the game... out walks Ben Kennedy and his mates from Strathfield Car Radio. Ben offered to drive my wife and myself. He said during the drive that he was back in training. I joked about a come back and he laughed off tonight, but he mentioned 2 weeks he might get a run for 20 minutes before the semi's.

I made the comment that if I was a interchange player or fringe PL player, I would be pretty pissed off if someone like himself stepped in to fill a spot if an injury occurred. I also said what would the point be to it if you are not fit enough to play whole or a large portion of a match. Ben agreed to a point but said he had been asked to get fit enough to play.

What do you guys think? do you agree with me if it was to happen it would be a slap in the face of the players who had put in all year? or do you think this is an option that Manly should do? :?:


its hard to be negative about BK he is such a champion, but our back row are currently awesome plus guys like Hall etc are also doing well,

again it may simply be insurance so mayby Prudent, we still have some tough games to go, if we went all the way there are still 6-7 or so games left this season, thats a long time in footy.


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If we got a few injuries who would you prefer getting 30 mins from the bench in a Semi or GF Wells or Kennedy????


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Wells played on Friday Garts, does that mean he should have been dropped for Kennedy in that game? If the current players are good enough to win us games now, they will do me in a Grand Final.

BK is a great player no doubt about it, but unless we suffered a Broncos style injury crisis then I say no.


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He would be better than all the PL back row, even if he hasn't played a game all year.

I would play him. He's a champion.

Considering the impact he made on the club for the previous years I'm sure a PL player wouldn't say jack sh!t against him.


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We were playing Newcastle who are injury ravaged and a club in turmoil so no and Wells deserved a shot. All I am saying is if we were playing a team like the Dogs I would feel more comfortable with Kennedy playing, however I am not calling for his inclusion just saying I would feel more comfortable with him in the side than a young rookie like Wells in a big game.


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Kennedy was a great player however the emphasis is on was.

He hasn't played for 12 months now and at his age while the mind might be willing the body won't be. He should stay retired and not risk coming back and embarrasing himself for 20 minutes.

The only time we would call on him is if we had 8 forwards injured and only had flegg forwards to call on..


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Every other team in the finals would **** themselves with BK in the line up.

If he helps us win a GF who cares about some PL player being upset. I need that feeling again of 1996 when we were champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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He wouldn't put his hand up if he wasn't up to it and If Terry Hill could do it BK certainly could.


BK is a winner. If he only played 25 minutes of a game, they'd be good minutes.

Blokes like Wells, Afa, Cuthbo....all good players, the future of this club, but their times will come. They know that Manly is a club on the way up and they will want to be around for it in the future.

But living in the now - I'd want BK coming on after 30 minutes. And that's all there is to it. Four months ago I was really, really confident that he'd play some role later in the year. What I've heard over the past two weeks has made me believe he is no chance to pull on the boots again, but mellon has just thrown another spanner in the works.

I don't think it will happen, but even if BK just made a 5 minute cameo (the Travis Burns/Matt Ballin role) against the Rabbits....f*ck I'd be pumped.


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One of my biggest disappointments as a Manly fan was BK not getting a proper send off at Brookvale. I'd love for him to play 20 minutes against the Dragons if nothing else, just so we can stand, applaud and see him off like a winner. He's in our greatest 17 ever, ffs.

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Yeh I don't get the non-functioning edit button either.

As for errors, there are times we have all been there, and they are times that will come again no doubt.

As for BK playing, I can't help thinking this whole thread is a gee up. I can't see it happening tbh.

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In relation to the side topic....the edit button hasnt worked for me for a while so i can sympathise with Will on this. As it happens its the whole page refresh & auto logg off issues have prevented my usual involvement and that is the reason why i dont post much any longer.

(postscript : bugger me if the edit worked fine just then to enable this addtion) stuffed if i know why !

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Interesting one

I probably lean towards not playing him, the blokes we have have done the business so far, and can win it on their own

The proper farewell would be good though, i still have 1 of those Farewell BK t shirts sitting in the cupboard

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