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Journey Man
A year ago we were shellacked 72-12 and we consoled ourselves that the same couldn't happen again. Well, it has, and worse. A 62 point margin re-writes the darkest day in the club's history.

We spent a lot of time behind the posts today, a lot of time. And what exactly was our captain doing whilst we were camped there, waiting for yet another Covell conversion to sail over our heads?

Monaghan was standing in front of his forlorn players, staring off into the distacne and doing, I know not exactly what.

On a day when we wore the jumper to represent a decade where we won 4 premierships, and were represented by legends and hard men who would have died for the club, we were "treated" to the spectacle of a captain remaining completely mute. He couldn't even raise the team to play for some lost pride.

Surely it is time Kennedy took over the reigns?

It's the least that could happen.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Even Tezza would make a good captain, the way he gets into them and fires them up.

I can not believe there was so little pride in the jersey they were wearing


First Grader
Have to agree.

Monas has gota go as skipper and Dessie should re-think his coaching abilities.


Journey Man
I DO fiund that Des Hasler is a coach that does NOT get the best out of his players (hence why we can win at home & nowhere else). Therefore, I put most of the 8 losses from 9 starts on him.

Coaches that get the best out of their players are:-

Wayne Bennett
Ricky Stuart
Craig Bellamy

I think our leader is too upbeat after shallackings.


Journey Man
My bet is he will stick with the same players as he did after Penrith last year. This is a concern 2 weeks out from the finals.

I have never seen such ****e in all my days of watching football. I have beaten sides by that margin (amateurs) but they were still having a go at least.

Our $3.25m of horseflesh sat on their heels and just let it happen. And our so-called skipper didn't have a word to say.

RLW is correct. He is completely inept.


Journey Man
At least King wasnt behind the posts laughing like another overpaid forward of similar size on friday night
My biggest defence of MM at 5/8 was that as captain he should be on the field for 80 mins and would not be as hooker because of Dunley. After today he can play ****ing frontrow for the left right out under 8's for all i care


Journey Man
Look, all the players played badly today. Monaghan can't be blamed for the loss.

However, given the magnitude of what was developing around him, his silence was appalling.

The club needs to be asking some VERY hard questions of itself this week.

For professionals to play like that is completely bizzare!


Journey Man
Maddog - that is my biggest concern about this club too mate. The players go out and have an absolute bender & a gay old time when and after they lose. OTHER clubs enforce drinking bans.

It's this laid back care free attitude that Des Hasler instills that makes me feel we lack any credence or professionalism.

Jamie Lyon said so himself. "Manly are a very laid back club, as upposed to Brian Smith", that's why I want to go there.

The Wharf Bar is The Sea Eagles favourite hang.


Premium Member
Geez, I hate this, Matabele you are right, MM did not lose this game for us and as a player it would be unfair to be critical of his performance (in comparison to the other 15, Stewart & Kennedy excluded)

But as a leader of men, he gave nothing, it probably did not matter to much once the scored reached 28 but prior to that he had an obligation as the on field leader of our club to provide some direction & inspiration. He did not do that.

I am sitting here shaking my head in disbelief that I am agreeing with you. I feel sick, not sure because of that or the defeat, but for the sake of may sanity I am going with the latter.


Journey Man
I don't take any joy in being right.

Look, I once captained a side that conceded 70 points. However, we were horribly outclassed that day - we were cut apart by injury and the other side did go on to win the Premiership.

However, at least we were still trying and not once did I not address the players behind the line after we conceded a try, attempting to lift the side and get something out of them.

I'm still shaking my head at Monaghan's impersonation of a lamb going to slaughter. It was very, very sad.

The only thing that will turn this side around is a passionate man, being passionate about the game and expecting a high standard from his team mates.

Kennedy is the only candidate that fits the bill.


Reserve Grader
Agree Totally
what I would do

Kennedy ------ Captain
Monaghan ----- 5/8
Burns------------ 7
Witt ------------- Bottomless Pitt
King-------------- Retirement Village
Dunley ----------- Anger Management
Mattai ------------ Brain Transplant / or Souths
Cleal--------------- Marked Never to Play NRL again
Hecks--------------- No 8

Just for Starters


Journey Man
Not a bad idea six - burns managed to create 40+ points again on the weekend and at when we are scoring they cannot be.


Reserve Grader
as far i can tell asides from The "Cough" Captain hes the only other playmaker we have

Des Get some Balls Drop these Pretenders IN MY 29 years of watching this Team that was the Most INEPT PATHETIC performance i have seen


Maybe If i email this to the Club they Might Give it to some of the Players to use

Canteen Worker

First Grader
After 38 nil what is to be said to the boys behind the posts? Let's go out and win.

He is not a captain in my view but to what is to be said behind the posts when the opposition scores 12 tries? Time for plan B??

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