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Kim Jong Dan
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Hi all.

I am trying to gather a few beer reviews.

If you have any please write them down and send them to me.

The ratings for them are

Essentially they should have a basic story that goes with it how you rated it where you see it in the market etc.

Umm ok?

Name: XXXX Bitter
Price: $30 for 24
Taste: Yum
Drinkibility: I have all 24 in a sitting so not bad i'd guess
overall: It is a good beer, whether it be watching sport, after mowing the lawns, or plowing the missus.. this is a really good beer!!

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Boddingtons pale ale

Price - $15 for a 4 pack (440ml)

Taste - smooth creamy ale

Drinkability - excellent

Towards the higher end of the market biddingtons pale ale is a must for the amber nector lover. Its as smooth and creamy as a kilkenny with a true britich ale flavour. Imported from manchester in self gasing cans this beer never dissapoints
Why learn useless ****e like spelling when I can run a spell check?

I'll choose to embrace technology - but i guess living out in bumkin land all you have to hold on to is the past.

PS. When you start a sentance the first letter is a capital. I will not even begin the finishing a sentance lecture.
TEDs - Tooheys extra dry

$32 a case at dan murphy's (across the road)

Taste - not a strong flavour but fairly smooth for a low end beer

Drinkability - doesnt fill you up so you can drink all night, especially in a corporate box watching the cowgirls do you in back in 99

Overall - one of the best el cheapos going around for those that dont like it too strong
Coopers sparkling ale (red label)
price: $15 for 60 schoners
Taste: nothing taste as good as a coopers
Drinkibility: too easy, have it in a keg with 23 - 46 litres ready to go
Overall: great, even when i buy pre made at $40 a slab when i go out,, but at the home made price its even better
Thanks guys I will start putting these up, basically I am starting a beer site with lots of beer reviews and more.

So they will be more indepth reviews but there will be a section for users to add their own reviews to my reviews
Not talking about grammar, talking about spelling, but I suppose comprehension is also beyond you :)
what it this the blue rinse brigade?
Cascade Premium Light

Price: around $24 for 24. Outstanding value.
Taste: Clean and refreshing, misses some of the hop bite of others yet still manages to have a solid taste for a light.
Drinkibility: In vast quantities with few side effects, slight bloat factor.
Overall: A winner in the low alchohol sector for mine on flavour, good bottle shape and price is sensational.

Price - cheap
Taste - cheap
Drinkability - cheap
overall - cheap but if its free you can force it down your throat

Price Too high for what it is
Taste Camel Urine would be a step up
Drinkability Nil
Overall if you dont have anything else to clean the drains with this swill should do the job
Team P W L PD Pts
4 3 1 39 8
5 4 1 35 8
5 3 2 14 8
4 3 1 12 8
4 3 1 11 8
5 3 2 47 6
5 3 2 38 6
6 3 3 37 6
5 3 2 21 6
4 2 2 -3 6
5 2 3 2 4
5 2 3 -5 4
6 2 4 -5 4
5 2 3 -20 4
5 2 3 -48 4
4 0 4 -85 2
5 1 4 -90 2
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