Beaver on the Footy Show

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Steve Menzies starred on the Footy Show tonight. Was a good segment and the footage of him was sensational. Nothing startling though bits were funny.

Good footage of the Manly boys playing poker back somewhere else with a bit of coverage given to Monas.

Beaver is an ornament to the game.
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I hear some Manly supporters were there forming some sort of guard of honour for Beaver, is this true? who where they?

(I didn't watch last nights show) :(
id have to say it was the best Footy Show in 10 years.
How was the look on Beavers face as he watched the Broncos run out in his first 1st grade game. LOL.
Beaver is a true champion although his memory skills arent to flash.
Anyone know the guy that was on the quiz show with beaver?
Seem to know his stuff.
I don't know who the Manly fans were sitting in the front rows of the audience (although one of them had the name of one of the Manly"factions" on the back of their jersey) , but with apologies to Jerry Seinfeld, they looked like they had a bit too much chlorine in their gene pools......


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the fan was Greg Presbury. A nice man and he did well.
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Where is Corso Pete?? I am sure he will be here to defend the Rockers soon. J/K Pete

It was great footy show allround I thought - the interview with Richo was good although he didn't convince me about his reasons about Macdougall.
when fatty was asking those questions, wasnt that Jye jyes babe over his left shoulder, to our right looking at screen!
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It is hard to believe just how well Beaver comes across. A man of such an easy nature and modest - a great adornment to the game.

I saw some of the Rockers in a line giving Beaver support for reaching such a great milestone. Even Bernie got his head on tv!

I thought Richo came across poorly. It has been covered elsewhere but someone had to say something about South's pathetic efforts. 11 games w/o a win is a gigantic joke. If he is CEO material I should be put in charge of BHP.
Beaver is a legend!!

I'm just trying to think, but i don't think the footy show did anything for Jason Croker's 300th game??

Bit of a kick in the balls for him... i may be wrong though


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Croker is another one deserves a lot of accolades, 1 club man, represented, a credit to Canberra.
Yeah fro i agree mate!!

I'm sure all Canberra fans look upon Jason Croker as we do beaver... it's a shame he was snubbed like that
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Croker was not snubbed from memory. The panel said he was invited on but could not attend (his 300th was in Brisbane on Saturday night) they then had a tribute for him on the Sunday footy show.
Croker had a smaller segment. They gave him a wrap, showed a highlights reel and went to a break I think.

Someone on another forum mentioned that they had asked him to be on the show, but he declined for whatever reason (probably the distance between Canberra and the studio...).

Beaver's bit was excellent. Some great footage, and loved seeing the great man - even if it was without the headgear!
As i said i could have been wrong... i must have missed the bit they did on croker

Oh well that's good that he got the recognition for it
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[quote author=Fluffy]
im always a fan of seeing beaver on television

I can't believe it took so long for someone to make a beaver joke!!

[/quote]This week I have been waiting for the Headline:

Manly fans get Beaver for two more years!!!!
Well all the Manly fans at the game this weekend will get the chance to put beaver on their head. It will be the first in a long time for many.

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