Banaghan at it again?

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Sydney Roosters coach Ricky Stuart has hit back at speculation the club is looking to dump halfback Brett Finch.

Rumours have been circulating that the Roosters, who are set to miss the finals for the first time in a decade, are willing to talk about the future of Finch and several other stars who are still under contract.

But Stuart and Finch's manager Steve Gillis have both dismissed the claims, which have reportedly been made by the manager of another player.

\"There is absolutely no truth to that,\" Stuart told The Daily Telegraph. \"We won't obtain results by looking for scapegoats. We have to make the team better and make individuals better.\"

\"That goes for Brett Finch and a number of players. I put pressure on Brett Finch to perform because we are striving for excellence. Brett Finch as a footballer is competitive and he is the type of player I enjoy having in the team.\"

\"Myself and Brett know there is plenty of improvement in him and the team. We will find it. Rumours like this are very easy to find and spread. We are sticking together.\"

\"I've heard the rumour about Brett and have spoken to the coach and chairman [Nick Politis],\" Gillis said. \"There is no chance of them letting him go.\"

\"I understand there is another player agent shopping around a halfback who is currently at another club. That club is in the running for the final eight,\" Gillis added when asked if he knew where the rumour came from.


Think it's Monaghan and Banaghan? Sounds like it :/

If it is, what do you guys think of the whole "shopping around a halfback" bit? If Monaghan wants to leave, he should probably just come out and say it, cause these rumours are getting quite frustating. If not, and Banaghan is just being a douche :naughty:
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I think Monas should do what he wants.......behind closed doors, out of the press.

Manly show NO loyalty, so don't expect the players too. Good luck to Monas whether he stays or goes.
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Manly show no loyalty???

I would contend Manly show loyalty to those that show it to them:


for starters


I think Monas should do what he wants.......behind closed doors, out of the press.

Manly show NO loyalty, so don't expect the players too. Good luck to Monas whether he stays or goes.

I thought they showed the right amount of loyalty for someone who had been at the club 18 months and wanted to shop around in England. If Monas had loyalty during those negotiations he would have said as long as I get a reasonable offer I will sign it straight away.

Anyway, hopefully everything is settled now. These rumours are getting annoying, but at least their something to chat about on boring Tuesday nights!
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So "no" is a bit harsh "little" is the word.

The team we love is run as a business, i'm happy with that. But I wont cry when someone leaves for more cash. The Manly club are good at screwing down player rates. But overpay some with "potential".

Loyalty and footy is NO such thing.


Monas :)
Randell :) if they dont want him tell him earlier!

Many of the fringe players who are promissed a crack at NRL and never get the chance.


Loyalty is a two way street or always used to be but these days the club does what it has to to compete in the pressure cooker of the NRL competition.

The players have also found this out, some the hard way and therefore you can't expect them to be loyal either, they are looking after their future at the end of the day.

Most of you don't know what actually goes on behind the doors of the club and I don't either but I at least have spoken to some of the players that have been shafted.

Manly have been loyal to it's big name players but they have also let some go, Fulton comes to mind off the top of my head.
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Byso - if a player shows some give, they're more likely to get back it from the club. ads is right when he says Monaghan was shopping himself around in England. If he'd signed when the contract was first offered the whole saga could have been avoided and we'd be a lot better off in the marketplace now.

A wise employer creates an environment where loyalty from employee is easily engendered. I'd content that our treatment of the Stewart boys is a VERY good case in point.

There's every reason to believe that Brett Stewart will be a clubman for his whole career - and that is going to be a very good thing for us.


Though if I was any good at footy I would not play for any other club than Manly.

The idea of putting on anothers club's colours makes me shudder.
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With the salary cap in force there is little room for loyalty, players and clubs need to so what they can to get the best value for money/job.

Simple as that.


With the salary cap in force there is little room for loyalty, players and clubs need to so what they can to get the best value for money/job.

Simple as that.

They dont need to, they choose to. You have a bunch of good loyal players who want to play for their club, no matter what they can get, and a good loyal club who wants to pay its players as much as it can afford, then you end up with a team that plays together, for each other and for its club.

Its just really really hard to do I imagine.
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Footy is a business and if a club is offering more money you would be a fool not to take it. Look at Alby Torrens - he took the better offer at St G to play mainly PL when he may well have played 1sts at Manly but for less. He was a our Clubman of the year last year. They are only in the game for so long and have to make the most of it.

Top players are seen to be more loyal as they are in demand - whereas lesser players are often seen to expendable due to salary cap pressure.

Fans are always more loyal than players. I thought I was going to die when Bozo left Manly in 1977. I was overjoyed when he returned in 1982!!!
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They need to champ, please players have a 10 year MAX expectancy. Manly as others do prove that as soon as you dont "fit" into there scope your shipped.

more names


Dont kid yourself, these bloke get BASHED they cannot be expected to do it for much less money.

Beaver stayed but he is an eagle folk herro, he will be looked after, most players dont have that luxury.

Matabele I think you've been reading to many fairy tales. I thought you were a "realist"!
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Loyalty and thats an oxymoron if I have heard one.

As others have said the Manly Football Club (as are all other NRL clubs) are a business, they have to work within a budget and decisions have to be made in regard to player retention within those confines.

Supporters involvement with their team is primarlily emotional. Like any relationship that involves emotions we feel hurt and possibly cheated when a member of the team that we support leaves, sometimes it is harder to accept when that departure is forced upon us by the one that we love, the club.

For us it is difficult to accept, but we always quickly learn to love those that replace the departees. After all who loved Ben Kennedy in 1997? I sure as heck love what he does for us now though.

This game is a business, we supporters just get it clouded with emotion.
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Dont know if BK played for them in '97 but I get the gist.

I think if a player is loyal and staying at a club for much less money then he is doing himself a disservice. Unless like Beavers and Tooveys case you know you'll be looked after for years to come.

I think the club may have lost some face with the players in the way they handled Monasgate imo, i'm sure they will be looking over there shoulders as soon as there form slumps. Even if there stitched up for 3 years or so.

Is this a healthy working environment?

We did lose 5 games in a row!
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I think most of us are wanting to remember the club as a 'club'. Not so anymore, we all wish it was but it won't be and never will be. As Byso said if you are a club hero then you know you will be looked after when it comes to contract time. Only a few come to mind that didn't eg Daniel Gartner but that was during that %#[email protected] period.
I feel sorry for any player that has played with us and then has to face us again on the field, i just feel like they still want to be with us. (Does not include Craig Field)


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Maddog, I kind of agree Gartner was injured and not playing his best when he went anyway, even though he was a legend in his time.
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To bring it back to where this began.

We're talking about Monaghan here - who publicly demanded loyalty from the club in the media whilst shopping himself around other clubs for the best deal.

Loyalty is a two way street but Monaghan was driving the wrong way up a very narrow alley. Now he's complaining that he was hit with a bus. Too bad I say.
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The problem with your arguement Matebele is that you have conveniently forgotten that the Manly management promised MM a contract provided his proved his worth over a 4 week period, he did that, regardless of the infamous "chip kick" and the club reneged on their committment.

So it would appear that the narrow alley you speak of was a 2 way street but after MM turned left into it the club quickly put up a "one way" sign and MM was then left in a rather precarious situation. I think you will then find thats when the claims of "where's the loyalty" came from.


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I dont think they promised it Pete, they pretty much said "prove your worth a contract" not prove it and we will give you one! the media twisted that.

It was a way of seeming like they were giving him a chance without committing
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Pete my understanding was there was a contract on the table.

Then Banaghan took off for England and there is no doubt he was shopping Monas around to provide leverage for an increase.

So the club withdrew the contract.

If Monaghan signs when the contract is firt put on the table, there is no Monasgate.

Also CW, I'm surprised at your statement that "if another club offers more money you'd be mad not to take it." You of all people should know that there are many other considerations other than monetary.

If we follow that logic then Menzies would be playing in blue and gold right now. Orford would be a Rabbitoh next year.

A manager lets his player down if they only think dollar signs and not holistically.

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