Ballin toward the end of his maroon and white rope?

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Journey Man
Duff had a little word to him at the club after the game and when asked about his chances in first grade he gave the PC answer but it was fairly obvious he wasnt happy about not getting a run.

Hows our Flegg Hooker going?

Oh and the team was crap bar BK and Robbo


First Grader
Ballin played very well for PL in the first half to score a double.

But went missing in the second half when the knights rolled there sleeves up to win the game.


Reserve Grader
It would be hard to be motivated.

FFS its worth at least Des giving ballin a go, if only to shut us Silvertails up. He was close to MOM against Norths last week. Yeah, I know it was only Norths.


Canteen Worker

First Grader
Monaghan has ticker and gives a dig. However his pass is slow and Orford doesn't have the time he needs. He is also week passing to his left. Defensively Ballin is a good as anyone in the team and our ruck defence, whilst good in patches, suffered from a bad lapse or two.

Monaghan is the most expensive hooker in the game and whilst improved, I still don't think he and Dunley complement each other. Dunley misses too many tackles, give too many penalties away and basically isn't worth the metres he makes when injected. Give Ballin a go!!!


Journey Man
Monaghan gets paid more than Buderus !! I'd hasten to say we shopuld pay $50k less and snag Cameron Smith to that end !!!

Let The Rabbits HAVE Monaghan, sign Ballin up cheap, and buy a big name prop with the proceeeds.


First Grader
Would love to see Ballin get a run, he deserves at least a spot on the bench for a few weeks to see how he goes. However if you think he is the answer to our problems u all have rocks in your head.


First Grader
Just who runs the retention committee? Why hasn't travis been signed? He puts in each week, can tackle and at least tries. It's simple really, pay the guys who deliver, clear out those who don't, and that includes the coaching? staff


lol blaming Orfords performances on Monas hooking game.

You guys have no idea. Its quite clear our backs are useless. Matai is a joke.. he has 1 good game in 10. Without Bell were struggling near the line.

Monas played well yet still gets the abuse because were losing.

Ballin.... yeah lets let go of a proven first grader for a guy that may not even make the grade. Hes got potential but some of you's make some weird comments.


I'm with you Kaza...

Players who have delivered this year (in my opinion) - BK, Menzies, Travis Burns, Monoghan, Steve Bell, Brett Stewart

To a lesser extent - Micheal Robertson, Chris Hicks, Brent Kite, George Rose, Matt Orford, Mark Bryant, Glenn Stewart, Steve Matai, Anthony Watmough

Then you have those that should look for another profession - King, Dunley, Williamson

We need to drop the useless bunch (i don't believe williamson is useless but i do believe the way he is being used is useless) and send a rocket up the ones in the "lesser Extent" and threaten that if they don't pick up the pace they will be headed in the same direction as the "useless" bunch.

In my opinion the players i have put in the "players that have delivered" category are the ones carrying the team.

Get off mona's back.. he can hold his head high. If anything he deserves more time


Journey Man
If only Monaghan could grow three inches and put on 10kg.

He has the heart of a representative backrower and the passing game of a Queensland Cup player.


Journey Man
But Garts - it's because you so desire success after such a lean period, mediocrity looks more rose coloured. Throw that middle bunch of players into The Dragons outfit. Would they get a run?

Would Monaghan be Hooker @ The Dragons? What about Newcastle? What about lower teams like Parramatta? What about SOUTHS for goodness sakes. Webb / Walker are pretty handy, and give fast concise service to their players.

But this isn't about's about those MIDDLE tier players we are talking about, and I again ask, throw them into a Dragon outfit, and how many would get a run?


Journey Man
Simply this. Why hasn't he been given a go ahead of the ponderous, brain explosion prone Dunley even once over the past 18 months?????????????????


First Grader
Dont get me wrong Ballin is first in line for a call up in my books as it means Dunley goes back to PL.

But I dont think for 1 second he is the saviour of our side. I do also have reservations about him in the top grade as PL to NRL is a massive step up and Brisbane dont let many good young players get away. When he was with Brisbane they were short on hookers and he never got a shot, we all know Bennett is not shy on throwing a young player into grade if they have the ability, why wasnt Ballin given a shot?


Journey Man
Too young. He is also an Australian rep, state rep and schoolboy rep player. He dominated in the trials against a full strength Roosters outfit, then was pulled off by Des, meaning we then got hammered.

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