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In honesty, I have seen him play in total maybe 10-15 times (over the past two seasons). I believe he does give better service out of dummy 1/2 with quicker decision making, and faster leg speed, and size.
On the otherhand, Monaghan's leadership (yes, I said it), and ability to maintain structure with his no nonsense play is a quality unto itself in his own right.
The things I would like to see Monnas improve, is his passes to the right (speed wise), and his leg speed with his dummy 1/2 runs. A little X factor in around passing JUST behind a player to another player running a different angle would be great, but that relies on other players, and of coarse attacking style technique taught at training by Des.

Nutz mate - can you ween off the foul language mate? Someone's just voicing an opinion, and I know some posters wives and children read this.


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[quote author=Matabele]

Mata you are quoting lines in your Sig from the "American Psycho" himself are
you trying to tell us something ????? ;)
;) :D

Yeah, watch out Corso Pete at the Penrif game. ;)

I reckon that's a great line that encapsulates the 80s and causes me much amusement when I see so many people in the rat race to recreate it.


[quote author=Matabele]
It is well known that I consider Ballin to be a superior hooker to Monaghan - in attack and defnce. He is not in the side because it would be just too ambarrasing to have a $240k per year, MAx Delmege favourite, playing hooker in PL, wouldn't it?

When was the last time you saw Ballin play? I see him most weeks we play at Brookie and to be honest I have not seen anything that warrants him playing NRL for any club. He plays well when we win big but he certainly goes missing in the tough games. He is very inconsistent. He has the makings of an NRL player, but he certainly doesn't deserve it at the moment at Manly.

With the exception of Kennedy MM has been one of our most consistent players all season. You are just so blinded by your own prejudices and agendas that you can't see the facts.

And by the way if you answer that the last time you saw Ballin play was a trial match your credibility in your "promote Ballin" campaign loses all credibility.

I also see our PL team most weeks at brookie and admit that there are not many players who stand out and say pick me for firsts.

At least cuthbo got his chance and found out that he needs to improve in several areas before he can become a regular first grader. If he works hard then he will make it.

However we saw aganst melbourne that the PL players can step up to the occasion when asked. If ballin never gets a go in firsts then we will never know if he can handle the step up or not.

PL is a very ordinary standard at present and a lot of players probably tend to play to the standard whether they are better or not - ie Billy Slater when he played for Norths PL side at brookie was very ordinary in a very ordinary side.


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Cameron Smith went from Queensland Cup to Origin in 6 months.

Monaghan has plodded around in grade football for years and hasn't looked close to even getting a Country jumper.

I really hope Ballin gets a go as I believe he has more to offer than Monaghan, the $240k man.


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Cameron Smith went from Queensland Cup to Origin in 6 months.

So to support your arguement you name one player that went from relative obscurity to stardom in 6 months.

But the other side of the coin is how many premier league players have been selected in NRL and come & gone in quick succession? Just in our own club in the last few seasons we could name, Cleal, Cuthbertson, Creary, Sam Murphy and thats just from the top of my head. I am sure others could add more.

Your "promote Ballin" campaign is so flawed it beggars belief. He may well have potential, but he is not showing it on a regular basis. As others have said within this thread not one player in PL this season is screaming out "pick me" for NRL.


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You speak not of the opinion of many inside the club.

The old Sue come back line

I'm right because im copying the opinion of someone in the club

next weeks post of coarse will be on how useless those are that run the club.

:lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie: :lie:


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When the discussion gets too tough, use the old line

"opinion of many inside the club"

Well obviously Ballin isn't getting a run because people within the club that make the decisions don't rate him as NRL standard as with the vast majority of supporters that have seen him play! :wall: :wall:


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Well Byso has stolen my line, your contacts who provide you with the opinions from "within the club" are obvioulsy only getting their information from the minnows because they sure as hell appear to have no power when it comes to the selection of Ballin to the NRL side.


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Well Byso has stolen my line, your contacts who provide you with the opinions from \"within the club\" are obvioulsy only getting their information from the minnows because they sure as hell appear to have no power when it comes to the selection of Ballin to the NRL side.

Surey you aren't suggesting there aren't faction in the club!
"the old sue comeback line"

didnt take long to remind myself why i dont bother posting here any more.

that little special about king hiding from Morley is one of your best old boy.sent it around the traps on email.they are still ****ing laughing.i couldnt care less if Morleys carreer is coming to an end and he is playing ordinary .he would rip kings heart out and jam it up his arse in a one on one blue-and everyone except you knows it

ballin is young and highly regarded by the club as he is by a lot of the people north of the border such as development guys like gene miles and steve renouf who saw a lot of him with the aussie schoolboys. i speak to these guys regularly through my work contacts and I will take their word over a blithering incessant fool like your goodself every day of the week.

he has potential-he may make it/he may not.who knows.wait and see.

one thing for certian.he has more chance than another one of your heroes cuthbertson.he is gone and YOU CAN WRITE THAT IN STONE-any wager on that will be generously accepted.

King,Cuthbertson,monas for halfback,monas for 5/8-dont back many winners do you.

but that is an occupational hazard of being a fool i suppose.



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watmough to play for NSW - you gave me the same will never happen line there too
burns over witt
lulu worse than king
lyon needed for matai

suggest you **** off into your hole again oxygen thief


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Last warning Fluffy. I would far rather have sue's participation here than yours.

You clutter every thread with nonsense and abuse and I'm really tired of it.

Keep going and you'll be banned.


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my sig lives again

mata, why should i recieve abuse every single post from Sue yet not have a right to reply?

Just because i dont jump on your king bandwagon with your hundreds of threads about him you have to threaton banning me?


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A bloke has right of reply. Suggesting a banning because someone doesnt agree with you is pathetic.

If thats the case then you and your King rants should have seen you banned long ago.

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