Attendees this weekend


Journey Man
I'm very excited to announce that I shall be at the ground this Sunday to watch us slay the filthy mountain felines. I shall of course make sure I stop on the way to urinate in the Nepean and Parramatta Rivers on my way to the ground as a symbolic gesture of my disdain for the pokie dependant hordes.

However, what I really want to know is:

1. Who else will be at the ground?
2. Who wants to share a beer with me?
3. Who wants to attempt to punch the **** out of me?


Journey Man
Oh, and I thought you'd all like to relive my finest moment from the last time I was at Brookie:



First Grader
1,3 & 2 :)

I'm sure I can make you known to the squad at the after game presentation in the function room.

I'm sure Monas and King would be keen to have a yarn with you ;)


Journey Man
I'm aiming to wangle my way into the dressing sheds so I can kiss King for every metre he makes that afternoon.

It won't be very romantic.


Journey Man
I dare you to say one thing you've said about king to him when u see him :)

One thing you may not know Nutz is that I don't back down - hence the moniker and the tribe I represent.

I far prefer up-front and honest people to back stabbers.

Just as well for Cliffy is God hey?


lol... i got no problem with him personally...

Just as i say i get bored of the "matanotonous" dribble

For all i know he's prolly a top bloke... he dodged my dare though... and even somewhat said something good about JK .. he hopes he gets man of the match!!!

Most weeks when he isn't going to brooky for a game and has no chance of being near JK or Mona's he doesn't give those wraps :~?


Journey Man
Nutz, if I see JK I will ask him why he rarely manages 100 metres and I will report back to you.

My disdain for the cult of celebrity is such that I'm hardly going to be over awed by a 26 year old uni student!


Journey Man
Oh, I also intend to be on the Hill for the game against the Bullwogs.

I want to remind the Bulldog Army of the body count in Beirut and ask them why they're not living up to their name. :lol: :lol:


Journey Man
We could make it a real beat up, and I could be there to face off against Doug and Chuckwood (actually - rather have a beer with Craig)

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