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I am wondering if Sunday's game is going to end up a trench warefare sort of arm wrestle?

One of those not pretty last man standing sort of affairs in which the forwards bash each other all day and the side that stands up last wins in a tight one.

If it is this sort of game do we have the troops for it? Are we up for it, especially without Hecks and Kylie. The Bulldogs are masters at this sort of fight but are we??

In this sort of game kicking is vital, quick play the balls essential and ball control paramount. Dunleys scoots from Dummy half, the defensive old heads like Beaver, Kennedy and Hill must lead the way and we must not do silly things. A sensational kick and chase is also a big must.

Bring it on - Bash and Barge here we go!!!!
(I'll be interested in what sort of game plan Des adopts!)


cant see us playing any other way against quality opposition . Its fine playing touch footy against the Knights PL side, but this weekend will be different. Expect another Roosters type affair id say, especially if its wet.

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I thought this was about the old Arm Wrestling contests on controversey corner


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I wonder as well I agree with what your saying. Without the bowling ball Hecks it could be tough. Is Minogue coming back soon?


Without Heckenburg and Leuluai the props aren't going to win any sort of arm wrestle.

May as well put the SOS out to the backrow now.
Menzies needs to do some of those Jason Smith hits on Anasta and Sherwin.

Hill should get into the ears of O'Meley and Hughes, both can be prone to brain explosions.


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i agree pepsi - i think Des showed is hand against the roosters.

Byso - i think he is due back next week, by my calcs but i could be out by a week

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Said it above but Dunley could be an ace in this game. Wet track, big props and a bit of room especially late in the half.

We must work at quick play the balls as we seem slower than Grant Wooden at this part of our game.

Kite is a key as well.

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I am good at cliches plus Euphemisms, tautology etc Even up for Hyperbole as well.

I was brought up on Rex, & Controversy Corner with Ron, Ferris, Frank and Barry with the Fabiani shirts, Meapro Ham and the old elephant on the pass the ball contest.

They were the days!!!


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i think it is essential to start the game with willo at hooker,stopping the roll early is of great importance.

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Des seems to be saving Willo for the last 20 when the defence gets tired and he comes in to tighten things up.
Vegas makes a good point.


Randall's defence is underrated. His service from dummy half is also ****loads better than Williamson's.


vegas..willo is out injured as is the princess.
I'd bring up glenn stewart to the bench for defence.
randall is terrible - reserve grader


You both think Williamson can throw a better pass than Randall? Please boys, stop making me laugh.


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We've already beaten them once this year, on their turf, at night, in an arm-wrestle. No reason why we can't again, at home, on a Sunday arvo.

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