Archaelogist finds site of Jesus' first miracle

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Articles like that posted are useful only in that people use them to shape their already formed prejudices. For someone who believes the miracle actually happened there is not much but the debate that the town of Cana actually existed and the types of jars existed is interesting. For the cynic there is little chance that this is going to change their mind - mind you even the doubters in Jesus time did not place their trust in him so it is unlikely something like this 2000 years later is going to do the trick!


Winging it
We could always "pray" that it is like the never empty Tim Tam packet. A jar that refills with wine - now I would really like to see that!


Journey Man
We could always \"pray\" that it is like the never empty Tim Tam packet. A jar that refills with wine - now I would really like to see that!
It happens every year - water into wine. That in itself is miraculous when you think about it.


Journey Man
There's a hell of a lot of sequences to get right there my friend. I'd suggest (as an economist) the probabilities are not as small as you would suggest.

Anyway, let's not go there. I'm about to go off and do whatever it is that economists do. :wink:

No speculation please. :lol:


Journey Man
No need to speculate on what economists do - its easy - read the paper and copy what the people paid to write the articles do. :wink:


UFO Hunter
Good point CW. The biggest problem with History is that a lot of people have to see it to believe it. Im one of those although I leave my mind open to what I read and if it somhow relates to actual fact without looking completly fabricated then I come to my own assumptions.

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