Anyone Heading down to the club to watch the game?

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Kim Jong Dan
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Just wondering if anyone is going down to the leagues club to watch the game if it is on?
I dont have fox, and I fear the places around my area wont be playing it. Although the megahole (metrapole) might be so could go a game of stick whilst i watch it I guess
No, my last day at work, fly out to Darwin tomorrow therefore I am thinking I will be at a pub or club up there.
just rang the local and they said they will be playing it so i will be strolling up there instead, telling the mrs Im going for a walk or something :D
not sure where I will watch, depends what some of my other mates are doing.

whats your local Daniel?
its the closest pub to me but its by no means my most regular pub
*sags head* Cremorne Hotel *starts to cry*
I believe it is some pub in Oxford St, called the Scooter Bar :D !amazed

After the footy they all watch replays of Dancing with the Stars. :lol: :lol: :p
that will be my closest pub in a couple of months!!! the only time I go there is after 1am (have to be in quite a state before I go). Actually last time I was there I saw Tooves!!!

if I stay at my girlfriends Saturday I might be up there, so keep an eye out for a few more Manly fans. Hopefully happy ones :lol:
Well I am sure you know what i look like from photos on this site. If you see me come up and say hello.

I am hoping it is on at the pool hall as i will prolly go up by myself at least i can challenge myself to a game of pool :D

Anyway I should be up there somewhere so say hello
oh and I have barred going there at night now.

A few years ago it was really good. A great atmosphere, never any trouble, and a good crowd.

Now you go there and its full of dick heads and there is always trouble. Plus the ventilation is horrible.

I try to stay away now and prefer the crowie, but even there is going down hill now that everyone comes over here fromt eh west because its "trendy & cool" as well as the younger generations are just full of more and more ****wits.


Everytime i go in there I can help but singing the TISM song
5 Yards

"Your only 5 yards from a ****wit!"
I have only been there about 4 times and my memories are always hazy :lol: I normally go to the Oaks or my local the Crows Nest!!!

if I am up there I will keep an eye out for you and come and say hi.
havent been there fore a while after a few very messy nights.

Tying to stay on the lights for a while
I'll be there....I have a party Saturday night so I'll either be sleeping on the tables or cheering off them.

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