Anyone go to the trial?

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Just wondering whether anyone ventured up to the sunshine coast on Saturday night - if so can you give us a run down on how some of fringe players went eg Jack A, Glen Hall, Aaron Groome etc etc
I went along on my own.true dedication wheel.

first half was reserve grade v reserve grade(Brisbane Norths).Clearly outpointed here.Exception was Choc.He was being ridden big time by tooves and responded really well.class above anyone else on paddock(melb had white,kaufusi and hoffman).Burns was his usual willing self at half but our creativity was zip in first period(we were down 16 nil).Young bloke playing hooker(No.20) in reserves looked good.Was that Groom?Haven't seen him play so don't know but looked a likely talent.

Second half our big guns came on.Backs looked sensational-good cohesion,speed to burn.lyon and orford were sheer class,stewart and robbo not far behind.Forwards were ok.Choc once again a standout -King and Monaghan good as well.Also Lyon is a class goalkicker which will help.

Now for the negative stuff-none of the second string forwards stood out.Afamasaga looked a bit unfit,had ordinary hands and looked a out of his depth.No-one else jumped out as a likely firstgrader and the opposition forwards were very average overall although they tried all night.

.Beaver,Matai,Ballin(hammy) and Kite didn't play.

Melbourne look like they have found another Inglis as well.where they get these guys I don't know.
also BK was there and was giving Choc his ideas all is very obvious they are pinning everything on Choc stepping up this year.
Bani was good.Didnt have much to do but was very sound positionally,scored a great late try..Hicks and Robbo were very,very good.

Take it from me-Lyon will be sensational.His defence surprised me too.hits real hard.
he played 5/8 on Saturday and will all year.Class act with great pass and great defence.Burns was given a big go at half in first half and final 10 minutes and although tried his guts out he just isnt a pivot.We had the ball a lot in the first half on their line and couldn't cross.didn't look like it.

The key positions will be

9 Monaghan/ Ballin

Dunley/Burns will be cover

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Thanks Sue. How did Cuthbo go? Was George Rose effective. What about Finefuiaki etc?

I am also interested in how some of the guys like Trembath and co stood up?


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Thanks Sue. How did Cuthbo go? Was George Rose effective. What about Finefuiaki etc?

I am also interested in how some of the guys like Trembath and co stood up?

Cuthbo played great - on the wing - or so I hear ;)


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Trembath played at Brookvale Oval on Saturday against Parra CW, think Offerdahl was also playing in the PL trial.


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Sue, according to the live updates Groom started at hooker and by the sounds of it thats the guy you were watching.
Cuthbo is a reserve grader and played like one.George was pretty good but always looks unfit..

Finefuiaki is not a first grader at this stage and I would be very surprised if he steps up.Does not involve himself enough.

Put it this way-the Brisbane Norths side was clearly superior to our lot in the first half and no-one stood out other than choc. and to a lesser extent Rose.Next best was probably Morewood-so I'll let you make your deductions from there.

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Great to hear first hand reports. Thanks Sue.

Disappointing news so far on halfasanga. First steps, so I will maintain hope. Stewy2 has it all wide open for him really.

So what do we make of King ? I had given up on him from efforts early last year. But if Des puts him there & he starts with promise, I guess Ill just have to re-instal the faith.

The backline and halves combo make for an exciting start to the season.
on what I saw Willo will start with Choc and Beaver.King,Monaghan and Kite will be front row..Reserves likely to be Ballin,Rose,Bryant and Stewart.

As much as I hate to say it I simply don't think the other guys we have been talking about are better than Willo and I am not his greatest fan.It is our weakpoint for sure.Backs look sensational and team looks magnificent fitness wise.Credit to Des and support staff there.


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So basically if we get more than 2 injuries in the forwards we are stuffed, its what the majority thought!!!!

If sounds like if we can keep our top side on the paddock for most of the year we are in for a good season.

We probably shouldnt judge some of the new guys so quickly, hopefully they just had a off night!!!!
you are right about that garts but nearly all of these guys went round last is only one game but ability tends to show through even in flashes.that melbourne centre for example.if he links well with Inglis this year they should call ithe comp off now.lets hope for a bit more next week.


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Just trying to be a little optimistic!!! I dont really have much faith deep down though for some of the guys apart from Afamasaga. I know you said he was ordinary but he has been injured for long periods and had no game time, hopefully he will get better every game and play to his potential.
he had plenty of game time on Saturday but I hope you are right-he certianly has the physique to play the game.Alphabet,on the other hand, will definitely not make first grade.

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