Another way to look at what’s transpired.

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From the outset , I want to place on record two things.

1) I’m no fan of the Penn family BUT they are the owners and financially backstop the team so that is what it is. I’ll pay my membership , I’m rusted too the brand , the logo , the club. Owners come and go.

2) I was no fan of Des when he left , but I did support him when he returned , although I am not at all surprised at the acrimonious departure. As with owners coaches come and go , it’s part of corporate life.

Now, my opinion.

A privately owned football club is no different to a privately owned major corporation.

They employ people to “ succeed” and if they don’t they are usually removed , often with the need for a big payout, and always with acrimony.

Back in my travel days I became mates with the State Sales manager for Emirates ( the airline ) who wanted to become a State Manager ( a step up and a big salary increase ) so he asked for a few of us to support him becoming the QLD manager.

Which he did.

He then asked us to support the move to upgrade the Boeing 777 daily service to an A380 , a huge increase in capacity and most importantly in premium seat capacity.

He was successful BUT was advised his arse was on the line if the passenger numbers in all classes of travel didn’t jump.

He did everything known to man to do that , worked his backside off travelling the state trying to win business but in the end it didn’t work.

Brisbane went back to a 777, AND he was sacked ( with a payout ).

That’s the corporate world for you and really I wonder if what’s happening at Manly is any different??

Forget injuries
Forget pridegate

A coach is given a team of 30 players and is able to surround himself with his picks for fitness , rehab , assistants etc etc.

And it’s up to that coach to meld those players into a cohesive , successful unit AND if they don’t then just like in the corporate world when you aren’t successful you’re out and replaced with someone else who thinks they can do it.

Oh sure there are the top 2 or 3 coaches and it would be great to jag one of those for this next stage but as that’s not really possible so I believe we should all just bite the bullet and support whoever gets the job, you mightn’t like the choice , but he’ll be wearing our colours and be the face of our team.

Then in two years , just like in the corporate world , if he’s not successful then we go again.

It is indeed a “ results driven business “.

Ive tried reading most of the threads to catch up and it seems we are split fairly evenly between “ it’s all ****ed ,I’m cancelling my memberships and supporting the Dolphins or leaving the game all together” OR “ it was time for Des to go let’s just move in and give whoever a go “.

Fair enough , you’re all passionate and it’s an emotive issue but at the heart of the issue is you’re a Manly fan , you know that Sea Eagle logo , those maroon & white colours and those boys past and present who spill blood for our enjoyment.

And THAT doesn’t change.

I truly hope you all stick around , it’s a rough ride but boy the good times make the bad times seem inconsequential.
Well summed up Mark, think everyone's over the initial shock now, just think it took everyone by surprise. As much as I admired Des, it was probably time to go in another direction. I'm backing Siebold, let's see what he can do, he just might surprise everybody. Also, positive thoughts for the next couple of months for you and the family bud...

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